GMC Chevy Truck 1995-2005 AM FM iPod mp3 Aux Input Delco OEM Radio - Many Models

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Product Features
  • Compatible Part Numbers: GM 16255315 '95-99 C/K, M/L, 16194535 '95, C/K, 16255335 '99 C/K, '00 BK6, 15768842 '00-02 M/L, C/K, 15769264 '01 BK6, 15762292, 15768842, 15769264 01 BK6, 16180205, 16194535, 16255315, 16255335 '00 BK6, 9367675 '99 C/K, 9367695, 9377635, BHCK, BWCY, CBDM, CRMP, DFYF, DFYM - GM option code UM7
  • Professionally Remanufactured OEM Unit
  • Fits various 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Trucks and Vans including: Astro Van 99-05 - Cadillac Escalade 99-02 - Safari Van 95-02 - Sierra 95-02 - Silverado 95-02 - Tahoe 95-02 - Yukon 95-02
  • Modified to include Auxiliary Input in the face for use with iPod, iPad, Android, Satellite Radio, mp3 Players and more!
  • Features: AM, FM, Auxiliary Input
Product Description
Fits many 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, & 2005 Chevy and GMC Truck Mount (Not S10, S10 Blazer, Jimmy, Sonoma) AM FM Radio with Aux Input. Please note that Blazers use both mounts depending on the body. This is a truck slide mount. This radio is an OEM remanufactured AM FM GM radio. Part Number: 09367695 (compatible with many other numbers, you may receive a different number). The radio has been upgraded Aux Input on the face for use with iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android, mp3 Players, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, and more! It is a direct link to the radio's amplifier so there is no loss of frequency response and no annoying snap, crackle and pop you get with FM Modulators. With this radios aux input you will hear your audio device through all the speakers nice and clean! To operate the Aux Input, simply plug your device in and the radio will automatically detect the input and change to that source. You can even use the Bass and Treble on your radio! This radio is fully rebuilt including all of the miserable little light bulbs in the face. All features are 100%! Appearance is very good and function is perfect. This radio will not require dealer turn on as it is plug and play. Please contact seller with fitment or function questions.