2016 Chevrolet Silverado Showcased To Dealers - GM Authority (blog)

That’s not to say it’s a bad looking truck, but it seems there’s more to be done with the evolutionary looks. Chevrolet is readying a refresh for the light-duty pickup and, according to Automotive News , dealers have already seen the truck completely uncovered. The dealer meeting took place in Las Vegas, Nevada last week where dealers from across the country attended to catch a glimpse into the bowtie brand’s future. A Chevrolet spokesperson echoed the news saying, “Chevy is planning updates for the Silverado for 2016. ” Whether the updates remain exclusive to the exterior design is unknown. From what we can gather from the set of spy shots of the 2016 Silverado , the truck will gain a larger front grille, revised headlights and taillights and a splash of LEDs may be part of the refreshed design. The current trucks’ design is actually clean and understated, which isn’t bad. The truck may have been underwhelming on launch, but with doing absolutely nothing in 2 years, the GM trucks have become the best looking truck on the market. When looking at it from the front it looks like a narrow. Source: gmauthority.com