Parts arriving for Toyota melting dashboards after months of delays; some ... -

"I was ecstatic," said Toyota driver Eric McDonnell. "I called them April 1 -- no parts, and they postponed it and postponed it," McDonnell explained. Your entire glove box will come out of the car so make sure that's empty before you come to have your dashboard fixed. I feel so bad for our customers," said Toyota dealer Earl Stewart. Stewart said mechanics are working overtime and at night to get all the dashes replaced. "They had to get an entirely new type of material and that's what they've done," said Stewart. Stewart said Toyota didn't like the first batch of new dashes that came in so that's what delayed the repairs. Toyota has parts for Camry, Camry Hybrid, Solara, and Avalon vehicles. Dealerships are still waiting on Sienna and 4Runner parts. Don't be surprised if the dealer asks you to bring your car in to have pictures taken just to make sure it fits into the warranty extension before parts are ordered. This is a list of cars Toyota / Lexus previously told us qualify for the repair program:. 4Runner 2003-2005. Avalon 2005-2010. Camry/HV 2007-2011. Sienna 2004-2010. Solara 2004-2008. Source: