Rear OE Spec Quiet Technology Drums and Perfect Fit Premium Brake Shoes BK50118 | Fits: Probe 626 MX-6

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Includes(1) Rear Shoe Set (2) Rear Drums
  • 3Yr 36,000Mile Manufacturer's warranty included.
  • Superior Braking Performance Non-Asbestos Organic Friction Matched Friction Formulation ISO9001:2000 Registered Quality System Powder Coat Painted Backing Plates for Maximum Corrosion Protection
  • Please see descriptions below for exact fitment. If you have questions please message us.
  • Ultra smooth braking surface meets O.E. specifications of 15-80 RMS, thus reducing noise and extending pad life. Thickness variation is within .0005" to eliminate brake pedal pulsation. Lateral run-out is within .004". Brake surface flatness is within .002". Precisely processed smooth parallel brake surfaces are held within .0001" radially to ensure consistent brake performance. Products are roll edge marked for complete traceability under QS9000 & TUV standards. Precision balanced to guarantee
Product Description

1989-1992 Ford Probe GL
1989-1989 Ford Probe LX
1991-1992 Ford Probe Base
1988-1991 Mazda 626 DX
1988-1991 Mazda 626 LX
1991-1991 Mazda 626 LE
1992-1992 Mazda 626
1988-1992 Mazda MX-6 DX
1988-1992 Mazda MX-6 LX
1990-1990 Mazda MX-6 DX To 12/90
1990-1990 Mazda MX-6 LX To 12/90
1991-1991 Mazda MX-6 DX From 1/91
1991-1991 Mazda MX-6 LE From 1/91
1991-1991 Mazda MX-6 LX From 1/91