LED Monster 2x 168 194 T10 5SMD LED Bulbs Car License Plate Lights Lamp White 12V (24 SMD)

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Product Details
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    LED Monster
Product Features
  • 1 year LED Monster warranty, no hassle on return or exchange.
  • Fit bulb sizes: T10, 147, 152, 158, 159, 161, 168, 175, 184, 192, 193, 194 2825 W5W Size
  • Easy installation, Plug and play for most vehicle.(Some Newer vehicle like Mercedes Benz might pop up error message)
  • Pack of 2 Bulbs!! each bulb has 24 3030 SMD on it Super Bright. Highest quality led bulbs available on the market with 1 year warranty
  • This Bulb size can fit many different position: Map Light, or Dome Light, or License Plate Light, or Trunk Light, or Courtesy Light, etc... (Depending on the model of your car, some fit more than 1 position.)
Product Description

LED Monster Customer Service is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Please contact us directly with any issues!



  • Base: T10 194 168
  • Input: DC 12V
  • LED Type: 4014-SMD
  • Highest quality, latest generation LED bulbs on the market
  • Extremely bright
  • No incandescent delay
  • Low power consumption and low temperature
  • Ideal replacement for most T10 wedge-type bulbs

Cross Reference:
T10 158 161 168 168A 168NA 175 194 194NA 194B 194G
2821 2825 2827 147 152 159 184 280 285 447 464 555
195 2825L PC160 PC161 PC168B PC194G PC195NA W10W
558 585 655 656 657 906 912 921 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 292 2886X 3652 558 658 PC168

Wide Range of Applications:
These bulbs can fit multiple positions (depending on the model of your car), including Gauge Cluster Instrument Panel Lights, Map Lights, Dome Lights, Dashboard Lights, Side Door Lights, Cab Lights, Side Marker Lights, Corner Lights, Cargo Lights, License Plate Lights, Courtesy Lights, Backup Lights, Trunk Lights, Motorcycle Lights, ATV Lights, RV Lights, etc.

INSTALLATION: Remove lamp covers with a small flat head screwdriver. Replace the stock lamps with these LED lamps.

ATTENTION: LED lamp has + and - terminals. If they do not light, turn the bulb 180 degrees to reverse polarity.
Since LED bulbs have low wattage, when installing on some vehicles you may need to tap on Load Resistors to get rid of the error code on dashboard and/or issues with flickering.