Ranger or Hilux? The bakkie battle - Independent Online

Johannesburg - This is a note for women: if your man is thinking of buying a double-cab bakkie, get him to take you shopping in it at the Rosebank Mall and use the underground parking. In Ford’s massive Ranger Wildtrak 4x4, I was cursing my luck in having a coffee meeting at the mall. In 4x4 high range and with its 460Nm of torque, the Wildtrak was, despite the bouncing and heart-stopping moments, a pleasant place to be. And, as transport, at that moment it made perfect sense. RANGER vs HILUX: IT’S WAR. The same applies exactly to Toyota’s legendary Hilux, which is facing its strongest challenge yet from the Ranger. In April, the Ford bakkie outsold the Toyota for the second time. Both brands have their ardent fans who will buy nothing else – but both are also looking for sales among those who may not be bakkie-mad but like the flexibility a pick-up offers, to say nothing of the “I am the Camel Man” image. Toyota has refreshed its top-of-the-range Hilux by bringing out the Legend 45 edition, which celebrates 45 years of the model in our market. Source: www.iol.co.za