Digital PowerBox CRD Diesel Chiptuning Tuningchip Module for Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D 126 KW / 171 PS / 343 NM - more power less fuel

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Product Details
  • Color:
  • Manufacturer:
    MAL Electronics GmbH
Product Features
  • Includes OEM plugs (no soldering required)
  • Easy installation (instructions included)
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Made in Germany
  • Power increase: 146 KW / 199 PS / 410 NM
Product Description
The PowerBox CRD works by modifying the electronic signals that control fuel pressure produced by the pump in order to optimize engine performance. The PowerBox CRD senses and responds to changes in engine load/speed throughout the range of acceleration. With the PowerBox CRD, pressure accumulates faster in the rail and is readily maintained to deliver more power and torque. The result is smooth and responsive acceleration that produce sportier handling. The increased torque produced by the PowerBox enables the engine to operate more efficiently, so fuel consumption is minimized. The PowerBox CRD has been programmed for optimal performance. Despite its potential for power improvement, the PowerBox CRD has been programmed to provide better fuel efficiency.

Product Overview

- For all vehicles with Common Rail Technology
- Greater performance than our standard PowerBox CR
- Improved fuel efficiency
- Includes OEM plugs (no soldering required)
- No increased emissions
- No interference to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU); original settings are not altered
- Will not harm your engine, does not increase injection pressure
- Will not alter engine diagnostics functioning
- Will not interfere with engine error code sensing
- Does not change the service intervals required for your vehicle
- 3-year limited warranty

Signal Variation Switch

The digital PowerBox CRD has a signal variation switch with 16 positions. Using a small screw driver, higher output can be achieved by turning the HEX switch to a higher setting.