Driver charged with aggravated assault for ramming another vehicle - Cookeville Herald Citizen

COOKEVILLE — A man who reportedly used his vehicle to repeatedly ram the back of another vehicle carrying three people late Saturday night has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault. She told the officer that “she had been followed by a black Chevrolet Avalanche driven by James Goff, and Mr. Goff had hit her vehicle five times in the rear end with his vehicle,” according to Officer Nash’s report. “All three occupants of the vehicle said that Mr. Goff began following them around Washington Avenue and bumped them twice with his vehicle,” Officer Nash says in his report. All three likewise said they then proceeded down 10th Street and pulled into a parking lot to return the male passenger to the location where he had left his car parked, but Goff “blocked them in the parking lot by pulling in front of them,... “All three occupants said that Mr. Goff exited his vehicle and began arguing with [the female passenger],” the officer’s report says. He demanded that she get out of the vehicle, and when she refused, all three of the vehicle occupants reported that the man punched the female passenger on the right shoulder area, Officer Nash notes. Source: