Pickups A Love Story: Pickup Trucks, Their Owners, Theirs Stories

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Customer reviews
Worth a look, February 16, 2014
Tells the story of those who love pickups. Some are interesting, most are not. And the book confines itself to Virginia. It was worth a read, but it is not a keeper.
Good Book, August 6, 2013
The book arrived on time and is great . t is in perfect condition and has a writeup on my brother and his truck.
Really Cool Book, May 10, 2013
I just got this book today and it is really cool. Great stories and excellent photographs. The people's love and relationships with their trucks really come through. Howard Zehr allows his subjects to reflect on an important aspect of their life...
Product Description
          This book takes you straight inside that mystical bond between a man and his truck, a woman and her truck. Photographer Howard Zehr has captured these passionate connections in striking images and stories, told in the voices of the trucks' owners.