Corvette, Cadillac, Pickup Truck

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    B-Fly Entertainment
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Customer reviews
A breath of fresh air for hip-hop/rap, November 10, 2003
With all the comercialized, sex-filled, mumbo jumbo playing on the radio and tv these days it is very refreshing to hear such a talented artist. The music on Corvette, Cadillac, Pickup Truck is definitly appealing to a wide range of ages. I...
Natural M.C., October 1, 2005
The flow is excellent, and the message is clear. Very talented rapper.
Product Description

1. Intro
2. Do Dat Dance
3. Ex-Lover (Featuring Jeffrey Valantine)
4. The Buy - Interlude
5. Corvette, Cadillac, Pickup Truck
6. We Be Vibin’
7. My 45’s*
8. Don of a New Day
9. 3 Days in the Alley
10. Get Em’ Up
11. She’s So Bad
12. Miracles
13. What!
14. Ex-Lover Remix (Featuring Jeffrey Valantine)
15. You and Your Son (Featuring Denise Flippin)
16. Reprise (She’s So Bad)

All songs written by Papillon Spinks & Jeffrey Valantine All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered at Fast Tracks Studio, Jenison Michigan