Chevy Silverado vs Ford F-150: Which Has The Upper-hand? -

For months already, the carmaker has been provoking the aluminium F-150 but after witnessing the explosive sales, GM is leaned on turning the Chevrolet Silverado into an aluminium truck too. The lightweight version of GM’s large pickup truck will only arrive somewhere in 2018. For us, we don’t think GM will attempt in creating aluminium Silverado at all. This is because GM has a huge ego and they don’t want to hurt it. The only we can see the Silverado having lighter proportions is exactly like the Cadillac CT6. The latter basically came out with a nice mixture of steel, alloys, aluminium and... GM half-ton trucks have been outselling Ford half-ton trucks for a few years in a row. I don’t think it’s “bad news for GM”, although it would be a huge win to have the Silverado beat the F-150 in sales even with the parasitic loss created by having having the parent company offer the same truck under different makes and models. Love my Silverado, reality is there both capable trucks and a simple preference for available options or appearance is really the only difference between buying one over the other. Source: