What SF Giants' Bumgarner did with truck he got from nervous 'Chevy Guy' - SFGate (blog)

How can anyone forgot those giddy moments after Game 7 of the 2014 World Series, when a ruffled, sweaty-palmed Chevrolet manager fumbled on national television for more than a minute trying to present Madison Bumgarner with a truck for being... Rikk Wilde forever became “Chevy Guy,” a social-media sensation who finally was able to reach into his coat pocket and pull out keys to a 2015 Colorado pickup truck, which, as he just had told America, “combines class-winning and leading, you... Last Thursday, Chevrolet representatives rolled into Bumgarner’s hometown in North Carolina with a 2016 Colorado, drove it to the home of the pitcher’s father, Kevin, and presented it to him, with several relatives on hand to join in what was a... “He wasn’t expecting it. It’s been so long since the whole World Series. After the World Series, the pitcher and wife, Ali, discussed the truck and decided to give it to Dad, who can use it to haul gear for work and to nearby ball fields, where he loves to umpire games. Bumgarner actually told me more than a month ago he planned to surprise his dad with the truck. Base models of the Colorado retail between $21,000 and $27,000. Knowledgeable Giants fans had an immediate question after watching the Chevy Guy present Bumgarner the keys after the World Series, and it was not, “How nervous must that guy have been. Source: blog.sfgate.com