Sunday Drive: 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD LTZ Crew Cab - Daily Herald

It is always a great week for Craig when a full sized pickup is involved, and now that the Silverado has had a full year of being tested out with the new redesign under it’s belt we found the new pickup to be everything and more than what we,... From the luxury laden cabin to the extreme trailering abilities this is a truck through and through and definitely a way to ‘Find New Roads’ as the new Chevy tag line suggests. We enjoyed our time last year with the Z71 version of the Silverado, but have come to find out in the 2015 edition there are some reasons to stay with what Chevy calls the 4WD version which mostly involve trailer towing. This version allows the $230 addition of chrome trailering mirrors that have a standard mirror on top and a curved trailering mirror on the bottom to see more of what is behind or being towed by the truck. This addition may seem like a small thing, but these are the same style of mirrors that were only available on the 2500 version of the Silverado, in other words they are huge. However, after pulling most of Craig’s trailers he would recommend the mirrors for anyone wanting to put a larger trailer behind the truck. If pulling trailers is going to be one of the basic things done with the Silverado, we would also recommend the addition of the Max Trailering Package, at $980 it is an addition that will make hauling anything behind the truck smooth and easy. Source: