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AP Exclusive: UN-Iran deal will let Tehran inspect site where it allegedly worked on nukes. VIENNA (AP) — Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it has been accused of using to develop nuclear arms, operating under a secret agreement with the U. N. agency that normally carries out such work, according to a... The revelation on Wednesday newly riled Republican lawmakers in the U. S. who have been severely critical of a broader agreement to limit Iran's future nuclear programs, signed by the Obama administration, Iran and five world powers in July. Said House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce: "International inspections should be done by international inspectors. The newly disclosed side agreement, for an investigation of the Parchin nuclear site by the U. N. 's International Atomic Energy Agency, is linked to persistent allegations that Iran has worked on atomic weapons. That investigation is part of the overarching nuclear-limits deal. INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Longtime Subway pitchman Jared Fogle agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to allegations that he paid for sex acts with minors and received child pornography in a case that destroyed his career at the sandwich-shop chain and could... Source: www.kansascity.com