2015 Ford F-250 Review - CarAdvice

Despite the popularity of utility and truck-based vehicles in Australia, we’ve historically missed out on the heavy hitters in the pick-up truck range that buyers in the US can access so easily. There have been exceptions, with the most recent being the Ford F-250 offered by the blue oval brand a decade ago. Even priced up near $90,000 for a dual-cab, it still sold like hotcakes… Where low volume importers have brought vehicles in to convert over the past decade or so, they have usually been prohibitively expensive. Thanks to Gympie-based Performax International, the days of Australians missing out on Ford ’s finest – and largest – utility vehicles in any significant number are over. Somewhat ironically, I’ve spent the past week-and-a-half behind the wheel of a Ford Ranger XLT as part of our upcoming towing comparison test. But if the current crop of dual-cabs available aren’t quite big enough, there’s the Ford F-250 Lariat: a realistic option for buyers needing extra space or serious towing ability. All F-250 models sold by Performax will be dual-cab, style-side models, but it plans to add variations to the range starting with the extra-cab, which offers less back seat space but a longer tray. Source: www.caradvice.com.au