Ford Super Duty Dually Leveling Kit - Four Wheeler Magazine

When the time comes to elevate the nose of your '99-'02 Ford F-350 dually, you may discover that options are very limited. It may simply be a case of some manufacturers skipping over certain applications that would be considered low-volume, or perhaps it is the lack of available wheel and tire fitments for dually trucks that makes lifting one harder to justify. Some companies offered kits for 1-ton single-rear-wheel vehicles, but few actually had part numbers for dual-rear-wheel applications. Full-Traction has been in business for more than 20 years, and they specialize in suspension systems for fullsize pickups, including a leveling system for late-model 1-ton Ford dually pickups. The setup allows all '99-'02 Ford dually owners the ability to install a set of 255/85R16 (33-inch) tires without fender trimming. However, as we found with this project, fitting larger tires to a factory dually wheel requires more than just a leveling kit. When it comes to wheel spacers and dually pickups, it is essential to maintain the factory's hub-centric wheel mounting method, rather than the lug-centric style that other light-duty applications employ. Instead of having an acorn taper to help center the wheel, dually lug nuts have a flat surface where the wheel and. Source: