Superheroes, comedy, song and dance: Oklahoma's James Marsden has done it all - Tulsa World

It was the first time in my life that I felt like I was good at something because I wasn’t ever into athletics, and there wasn’t anything really that I felt like I was passionate about. It was great, a really great place for me to explore my passions there, and they were very supportive and encouraging. It was the place where it really all started. ” : “My sophomore year of high school, I did a one-act play (as) an assignment for the class, and I played a juvenile delinquent kid (and) his main role was the closing monologue of the piece. ’ and the feeling, and the drama teacher (Rose Mary Baker) and students and parents were like: ‘Who is this kid. ” : “Thank goodness I had my wonderful mother and father behind me supporting me after about three semesters at Oklahoma State for me to move to Los Angeles and get an agent and audition. Because I didn’t feel I had anywhere to fall, I had all the confidence in the world, and I didn’t feel nervous about anything. ” : “I was fortunate to grow up where I was surrounded by trees and creeks and the outdoors. (We) didn’t rely on video games and Twitter, we were outdoors. What I remember about Oklahoma is being surrounded by the outdoors, and family, and good home cooking. Source: