25 Years Ago: Jane's Addiction Release the Sprawling 'Ritual de lo Habitual' - Diffuser.fm

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jane’s Addiction. Those are the words that open Jane’s Addiction’s second studio album, Ritual de lo Habitual, released on August 21, 1991. If you don’t recognize them, don’t feel bad: They were spoken in Spanish by an actress named Cindyana Santangelo , or Cindy... in fact, when the band played a triumphant run of homecoming dates in April 1989 at Hollywood’s Jon Anson Ford Theatre, “Stop” was in the set. Because Farrell and his girlfriend, Casey Niccoli, named the Ford dates “Ritual de lo Habitual. ” He recycled the title a year later for the next Jane’s album because “I thought it was funny. Those dates — like most Jane’s dates — featured a stage cluttered with candles, tapestries, paintings, religious iconography, dolls, and whatever else caught Farrell’s eye. The aesthetics of the religion informed not only Farrell’s stagecraft (and Ritual’s album cover), but his home. Brendan Mullen quotes Niccoli in his book Whores: An Oral Biography of Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction:. Niccoli’s role in Jane’s Addiction’s early career borders on immeasurable. Source: diffuser.fm