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As a third-grader in the suburbs of New York City, I remember getting kidnapped by my family and taken to an undisclosed, off-grid location for days on end. I met new kids camping in the adjoining sites and made new friends. Perhaps more so now than back then, camping provides family and friends time away from the lights, luxuries and distractions of the connected world. Most campsites can be had for $10-$30 a night and provide basic water and sanitation. Don’t confuse camping with ultra-endurance trekking and the ultralight, minimalist and uber-costly gear it’s associated with. We’re talking pack-the-cooler and load-up-the-station-wagon car camping. There’s no need to be uncomfortable when you can bring along anything you can fit in the car. Bring what you need keep the clan protected from the elements and well-fed --the rest will fall into place. Here’s the readout on some of the latest camping equipment to hit the market, along with some of our stalwart favorites thrown in to give you some ideas on outfitting or augmenting your camping gear locker. We love late summer and fall camping. Cool nights and mostly dry days are a great time to make some great memories before the kids head back to school. Not to mention, the end of season is a great time to score deals on camping gear. Source: