Indiana couple, Model A truck together for nearly 60 years - Washington Times

The truck doesn’t look special: It’s just an old Ford covered in flat black-ish primer. Skinny tires, a small cab, an equally small truck bed - and yet the Hoppers say they wouldn’t trade it for anything. “I courted my wife in that truck,” Bud says with a smile, pointing toward the truck as it sits in the driveway behind his LaGrange home. Bud just always liked the old Fords, the Model T’s and the Model A. For most of their time together, the truck was a daily driver. When Bud started a remodeling company, the truck hauled lumber and paint to the job site and then hauled Bud back home at the end of those days. Bud loves to drive the truck, and says he couldn’t do that if the truck were beautifully restored, so he keeps it in pretty much in the same shape he found it - a little rough around the edges. Bud, who does all his own mechanical work on the truck, has never had any major problems with it. A LaGrange native, Bud graduated from LaGrange High School. Source: