Here's just how addicted to trucks Americans are - Car Keys

It’s something of a stereotype that Americans love their cars just how they love everything else: as big and as bombastic as possible. Despite signs of a trend towards smaller cars as fuel prices rose, when it comes to the vehicles people actually buy, the story is still all about pickup trucks and large SUVs. Pickup trucks rule the road. More than 16. 5 million new vehicles were sold in the US last year, a 5. 9 per cent rise on the number sold in 2013. By far the most popular model is the Ford F-Series pickup, with 745,000 sold last year alone. As a result, the F-Series is the top-selling vehicle in the United States for an absolutely incredible 33 years in a row. By contrast, in the UK only 41,469 pickup trucks were sold in the same period, out of the 2. 47 million total number of cars sold. That means that the Ford F-Series is roughly 18 times as popular as every new pickup in the UK. It’s also outsells Britain’s best-selling pickup truck, the Mitsubishi L200, by a whopping 114 times, after 6,488 L200s were sold in the UK throughout... In fact, there are more Ford F-Series pickups on US roads than all Volkswagens, Lincolns, Cadillacs and Mitsubishis combined. Source: