WFB for Mercedes-Benz GLC GLE GLS GLA Car Door Projector Welcome Courtesy Shadow HD Logo Light -2Pcs

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Product Details
  • Color:
    A B C63 Coupe E ML GL C180 Coupe
  • Manufacturer:
Product Features
  • Waterproof and dustproof design.Durable and non- fading brilliant beams. No pollution, no noise, no electronic interference.
  • When the door is opened, the Mercedes-Benz LOGO is illuminated onto the open door surface to provide a light to aid entry into and out of the vehicle.
  • For Model : Mercedes-Benz M (W166) Mercedes-Benz E(W212) Mercedes-Benz B(W246) Mercedes-Benz A(W176) C Coupe( Two door) Mercedes-Benz C Class(W205) Mercedes-Benz GL(X164) GLC GLE GLS GLA
  • Installation is simple,Directly replace the original car door lights , no drilling, no wiring, no disassemblying, no damage to your Car.
  • The package contains 2 pieces lights , if you want for 4 car doors, you need to get the 2 Pair .
Product Description
The Best or Nothing . - Mercedes-Benz

Clear bright laser LED car lights with welcome logo emblem projection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion light & shade visual experience for You !

Set yourself apart from the crowd with a WFB Car Door Projector that reflects your tastes and passions. Be prepared to get tons of compliments every time you take it out with you!

Features :
1. Direct replacement.No modifications required.No wire cutting. No error or warning on dashboard.
2 . Never used or tried on , Simple installation.Can be done in 5 minutes
3.Cree LED pure white . Voltage:12V with 2000L.

Mercedes-Benz M (W166) 2012--2015
Mercedes-Benz E (W212) 2010-2015
Mercedes-Benz B(W246) 2012--2016
Mercedes-Benz A(W176) 2013-2017
C Coupe( Two door) 2010-2013
Mercedes-Benz C Class(W205)2015-2017
Mercedes-Benz GL(X164)2013-2015
GLC 2016-2017
GLE 2015-2017
GLS 2016-2017
GLA 2013-2016
Do not fit :Glc 300 coupe 2017

Installation Instructions:
1. Use A Flathead Screwdriver Or Installation Tool To Remove And Disconnect Original Door Step Lights .
2. Plug In new Door Lights With Correspondent Connector.
3. Put new Door Lights To The Spot Where Your Original Step Lights Were.
4. Mercedes-Benz Logo Should Be Projecting On To The Ground.

Package Include:
2 pieces Mercedes-Benz welcome light .