Audi TT used review | 1999-2015 - Cars Guide

The recent introduction of the third generation Audi TT coupe and the imminent arrival of the open-top roadster has created quite a stir of publicity about the seriously stylish sportscar. So here are some hints, tips and historical info to help you get yourself into a terrific TT. We won't go into the all-new Audi TT MY15 here for obvious reasons, look out for it in our future used-car pieces. Audi TT is great fun to drive but in the front-drive models feels more like a warm-to-hot hatch than a full-on sportscar. Introduced to Australia in May 1999, the Audi TT was a hit right from the start, chiefly because its radical shape. There were several fatal high-speed Audi TT crashes in Europe, principally in Germany, caused by a design flaw in the earliest models. Aerodynamic weren't quite right and problems experienced by some drivers were exacerbated by the TT's very short wheelbase. There were suggestions that a lift-up wing in the manner of a Porsche 911 would have been a better fix, but Audi says this could have been too expensive. The all-new gen-two Audi TT, which arrived in Australia in November 2006 sorted out the problem. Source: