Yes, this is the all-new Audi A4. No, really. It is - Top Gear

Is there a carmaker with a firmer belief in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” design school than Audi. We ask because this is the new Audi A4. Not a light facelift, with a sharpened headlight here and a cleaner diesel engine there. Nope, it’s an all-new car. If you think Audi’s forgotten to actually design a new car, such design conservatism is surely a response to just how many of the outgoing A4s fill motorways up and down the land. Messing with a winning formula is a risky strategy, of course, but we can’t help thinking that Alfa Giulia suddenly looks even more exciting, no. So beyond a very, very subtly sharpened exterior – the A4’s a smidge longer and wider than before,... The cruise control can accelerate, brake and keep a fixed distance from the car in front during rolling traffic, at speeds of up to 155mph. The A4 can keep itself in lane, park itself, and even use the satnav in conjunction with the cruise control to increase efficiency by adapting its speed to upcoming road topography or traffic. The virtual cockpit layout that looks so swish in the Audi TT makes its way to upper-spec A4s, and somewhat less selfishly, there’s a screen in the middle of the dashboard allowing the front passenger to operate the satnav and choose music, too. Source: