Chevrolet Debuts New Silverado 2500/3500 Custom Sport Edition -

Can they paint the low hanging DEF tank to make it monochromatic as well. GM probably has the best diesel engine, haven't heard any glaring mpg killing def dpf issues like in the ram or ford. anybody know of diesel engine issues with the GM. i heard the low hanging def tank is a PIA to fill from under the hood is biggest complaint i hear and that def fluid is very corrosive when it spills on your garage floor, burns through an epoxy... I don't need a diesel BUT with the Govt trashing our gasoline with all the dumb ethanol methanol junk it brings down the mpgs of the fuel and has no shelf life. the Govt hasn't completely ruined diesel fuel yet but they have gone after the engines with all the costly emissions garbage to drive down mpg and drive up user cost maintenance. may buy the tesla suv when it comes out and haul a trailer or a via motors (the chevy volt pickup) F the govt ruining fuel and vehicles imho. It's one of the better looking HDs I've seen. Again, if there is room in a vehicle market to continually have special edition vehicles, there is scope for new comers to enter and increase competition. As an owner of a 2011 2500HD, I've taken it hunting through the back roads of Colorado and denver once had an issue with hitting the DEF tank. I like my truck, but can't honestly say anything bad about any of the diesels on the market. Source: