2010 BMW 5-series Gran Turismo - First Drive Review - Car and Driver

Among the flurry of fast-roofed, four-door hatchbacks coming to market over the next couple of years, one interpretation clearly stands out: the 2010 BMW 5-series Gran Turismo . Indeed, the unusual, tall proportions of the Bimmer set it far apart... When the idea for the car first began to take shape, BMW executives decreed it should offer the legroom of a 7-series and the rear headroom of an X5. Given those two goals, it’s no wonder this new model is no classic beauty. Although we found the 5-series GT to be better-looking on the road than on the auto-show stand, it remains ungainly and unattractive. We would advise buyers to go for the largest wheels possible—the 18-inch wheels look positively minuscule—and we thought the GT logo, which is styled to evoke the L-shaped taillights, was a nice touch. The 5-series GT is one of the few four-door cars with frameless windows, and the effect is nice on the front doors but wasted on the rears, as small quarter-windows remain upright. With some station wagons and SUVs, you can open the rear glass independently of the liftgate, but both are hinged in roughly the same spot. In the 5-series GT, however, you can open the lower portion of the liftgate or the. Source: www.caranddriver.com