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Ever since grunge rock turned Heart’s hair metal meal ticket into a scarlet letter, the Wilson sisters have twisted one of the greatest arena rock trilogies ever into a Judean desert-level tale of temptation with a Mutt Lange-ish Devil offering up... Towards the close of Ann and Nancy Wilson’s dual 2012 Heart memoir Kicking & Dreaming Ann writes of a “typical” early nineties party at her house featuring “a dozen or so soon-to-be-famous musicians, the cream of the crop of the Seattle grunge... The evening begins innocently enough: A few partygoers ask Wilson to “tell road stories about the previous decade, what it was like to headline stadium shows, what it felt like to have a record sell fifteen million copies. ” asks the charismatic, sadly doomed Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr. “Too much hairspray and cocaine,” Wilson replies—a jovial, self-deprecating bon mot that nevertheless fails to placate her future closet-raiding platonic bedmate. A splendid opportunity for Wilson to let the casually cruel, oeuvre-dissing slacker in-crowd know she was no. Source: