Cadillac Escalade Hybrid (2010) review - CAR Magazine

The Cadillac Escalade really does represent all that was wrong with old GM. It might have briefly enjoyed a cult status as the preferred vehicle of choice for rap artists, overpaid footballers and other bling merchants but - believe me - the... We tested the latest Escalade Hybrid as part of Cadillac's relaunch in Europe. Dutch importer Kroymans went bust in the economic downturn, effectively halting Cadillac sales in Europe, but now General Motors' upmarket division is having another crack at European sales itself. Cadillac Escalade Hybrid: the tech lowdown English teachers could practically hold up this car as an example of an oxymoron. The Escalade is GM's tough-as-old-boots seven-seater SUV, a 5151mm long off-roader mixing the profligacy of a 6. 0-litre petrol V8 with a full hybrid system. This is a full time four wheel drive hybrid. Does the hybrid mitigate the Escalade's woes. The hybrid set-up works really quite well. The Escalade feels outmoded by virtually every other dynamic measure. Source: