Car Collector Corner: Buick Reatta, Pontiac Fiero, Cadillac Allante - Towanda Daily Review

Q: Greg, I live in the Wayne County area of New York and am wondering if the cars like the Buick Reatta, Cadillac Allante and Pontiac Fiero will ever become true collector gems. What cars from the 1980s and on do you feel have a chance to become collector favorites that aren't already are, like a Buick Grand National. At some point, the Reatta, Fiero and Cadillac will either go up in price or not, but right now, these cars are available for what very reasonable prices. A friend of mine just bought a nice, above average condition '86 Fiero GT V6 for a great price, about $2,000 below the book value. My personal opinion is that these cars will one day be favorites for those collectors who love the nameplate, although they may never command top prices. Still, a nice Reatta, Allante or Fiero is a good find, and only time will tell of the cars true collector value. Current average NADA retail prices on the cars you mention are: '89 Reatta V6 GT Gran Sport with air, $5737. '86 Fiero base model 4-cylinder, $3,185. '88 Allante Convertible $5,925. Remember these are average condition prices, so there are some... As for modern cars that will become collector favorites, I would opine that any of the muscle cars currently available will one day garner collector interest. Source: