Cars now last longer than ever -- will yours? - CBS News

Despite booming new-car sales, the average age of cars, SUVs and pickups has risen again, hitting a record 11. 5 years, according to IHS Automotive. Now, with an average car traveling 10,658 miles annually according to AAA, that 11. 5-year-old average car has about 122,500 miles on the odometer. If you like to keep your car a long time, what can you do to make it last to that average mileage and beyond. "Every new car today is built to last a quarter of a million miles," said Mike Calkins, manager of technical services at AAA. For instance, beginning in 2011, General Motors ( GM ) recommends that all its cars use a semi-synthetic oil called Dexos. And the manufacturers also have specific recommendations for other engine fluids set forth in each owner's manual. Not only will your car perform better with the recommended product, noted Calkins of AAA, but your warranty may be invalid if you don't follow those directions. If you like to drive a car for a long time rather than trade it in every few years, decide early that you'll stick to all the auto maker's maintenance recommendations. Although modern engines are engineered to. Source: