Dodge's Most Important Vehicles - MotorTrend Magazine

While the Dodge brand may have started from humble beginnings in the early 1900s as a parts supplier for Detroit-based automakers, it quickly joined them, turning out some of the top cars in its day. Today, the brand continues with its success with new versions of classics, and brand-new models. Here are some key cars and trucks in Dodge's history The first vehicle ever produced by the Dodge brothers, the Model 30 rolled off the assembly plant in November 1914. This marked a shift in the automotive industry as the noted engine... This model directly competed with the likes of the Ford Model T, but offered more upscale features like a full-steel body, sliding-gear transmission, as well as 35 horsepower. The 1930 Dodge DD, complete with wood-spoke wheels and a six-cylinder L-head engine, had enough juice to pump out 61 horsepower, and for its time, that was saying something. After the war, the Dodge brand started to evolve once again, as the company's leadership wanted a more forward-looking style. Available in a two- or four-door configuration, these hardtop models didn't sell well, and its successor, the Dart, took its place. With a shorter wheelbase and lower price, the Dart was an instant hit, and continued to sell through 1976 as one of the brand's most popular models. Source: