James Bennett column: GM Spring Hill expects to double size of work force - Columbia Daily Herald

There was no guarantee the company would continue to produce cars in Spring Hill, leaving hundreds wondering about job security and their future. But after posting record profits in 2014, with strong light-truck sales in North America and strength in China, it’s safe to say the worst is over for GM. Workers received $9,000 each in profit sharing this year. The GM plant in Spring Hill expects to double its number of employees in the next 18-24 months, Herron told The Daily Herald , as two new cars and engines ramp up for production. “We did not even know if we would be kept on GM’s good assets list as it went through bankruptcy,” Herron said. “During that uncertainty, we went from about 3,400 jobs to 600 jobs. More than 2,200 now work in Spring Hill, producing the Chevrolet Equinox crossover vehicle and other parts and components for Corvettes and sport utility vehicles, but the numbers will increase rapidly in 2016, Herron said as the Equinox leaves... We make parts for multiple GM plants,” Herron said. “So about half of our jobs now are in vehicle assembly and half in parts and components. Source: columbiadailyherald.com