NOCO GCP1 13 Amp 125V AC Port Plug with Integrated Extension Cord

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    NOCO Genius
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Customer reviews
Perfect!, January 8, 2018
I needed a clean way to connect the block heater on my '99 F-350 to my extension cord, and this was perfect. Simply made a 2 inch hole (directions included in package) just below my bumper (in the plastic), pulled the block heater plug through,...
13AMPS, January 2, 2018
I realized it's only 13amp after I ordered it. why they just didn't make it 15amp can only be to save costs and that makes me not like the company because that is not an area to cut corners for money. Now I have to be careful what I use it for...
Great Product, September 11, 2017
Looks great. Works great. Complete installation took about 2 minutes. The only issue I had is that some of my heavy-duty extension cords have larger ends that won't fit into this port, but the typical cord works fine. So, just find a cord that...
Product Features
  • Full-sized AC prongs for maximum conductivity
  • Requires no cable modification or hand wiring
  • Easy installation into a 2-inch hole size
  • Integrated charge inlet with a 16-inch extension cable
  • Rated at 13-amps, 125-volts for peak performance
Product Description

This AC port plug is an advanced charge inlet device that offers optimal flexibility and ease of installation. Mounts to the exterior of any vehicle or equipment to make the A/C port accessible in a more convenient location. The integrated extension cable (16 inches) quickly plugs-n-plays with any battery charger or A/C cable without the need of cord modifications or hand wiring. Its sleek, ultra low-profile design requires 50-percent less space and mounts to boats, golf carts, trailers, engine block heaters, food kiosks or virtually any other vehicle or equipment. Rated for use at 13 amperes, 125 Volts and UL certified for US and Canada, and comes with 5-year limited warranty.

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