GE Lighting 69821 Nighthawk LED 7-Inch Round Replacement Headlamp

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Product Features
  • Solid state technology for the harshest, high vibration environments
  • Superior performance for on and off road vehicles, trucks, agricultural, mining equipment, vintage and classic cars and motorcycles
  • Reduces maintenance cost by delivering long lasting performance, up to 15,000 hours with a limited 3 year warranty
  • Sold individually and are a direct replacement for H6024, H5024, H6024LL, 6012, 6014, 6015, 6016, and 6017
  • Produces bright, white light close to daylight (5600 Kelvin)
Product Description
This is a revolutionary 7 inch round LED headlamp. The rugged design replaces conventional sealed beam halogen products, operates close to daylight (5,600 degrees Kelvin) color temperature, and has extremely long life of 15,000 hours versus GE's standard headlamp of 320 hours. The headlamp is split horizontally with the low beam emitted from the top half and the high beam from the lower half. High impact resistant, non-yellowing polycarbonate lens, die-cast aluminum housing and solid state electronics sealed in epoxy ensures vibration resistance.

GE's Nighthawk LED headlamps and fog lights deliver superior performance for on and off road vehicles, trucks, agricultural, mining equipment, vintage and classic cars, and motorcycles. Ultra-bright Nighthawk GE sealed beam headlamps offer consumers, on average, up to 39 percent greater brightness when compared to GE's standard original-equipment halogen bulbs. Nighthawk capsules offer, on average, 33 percent additional brightness; and Nighthawk fog lights offer an average 17 percent additional brightness.

With the range of the new Nighthawk product line, 95 percent of cars and light trucks on the road can upgrade to this technology.

Excelling Performance

The Nighthawk LED series is an excellent choice for any off-road or on-road vehicle. Nighthawk LEDs exceed the requirements of FMVSS108 and CMVSS108 for on-road vehicles and meet all DOT requirements.

The filament-free LED light sources provide a bright white light that's closer to that of daylight than traditional headlamps, thanks to an advanced optic design enabled by the use of two state-of-the-art multiple LED arrays.

Fits cars and light trucks, off-road vehicles, and motorcycles
Durable Aluminum Housing

The durable, dependable design is not prone to failure due to shock and vibration, such as driving over rough terrain. Nighthawk LEDs are built with an aluminum housing and metalized reflector, and the hard-coated polycarbonate lens with non-yellowing coating stays clear and protects against damage from typical road debris. The LED is encapsulated to protect electronics from damage due to moisture and corrosion.

11v-33v Design

The 11v-33v design conveniently works with both 12V and 24V systems. Nighthawk LEDs have built-in over-voltage protection up to 600v with constant output, allowing for up to 15,000 hours of usable life.

Fits up to 95% of Vehicles

Nighthawk LED headlamps and fog lights come in applications that fit up to 95% of vehicles, including sedans, light SUVs and trucks, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles.