GE Lighting H6024NH Nighthawk Automotive Headlight Bulb

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Customer reviews
Best Sealed beam you can buy!, November 13, 2017
These really are great headlights! I had a set of new Wagner H6024s and just didn't feel I was getting all I could out of my headlamps. So with less than ten hours on them I replaced them with these! WOW what a difference! They really put out a lot...
First off when package arrived the two light boxes in ..., May 16, 2018
First off when package arrived the two light boxes in the package were both already openend and the lights were tossed in there without any care. Second one of the lights has a rattle in it and it works intermittently. And third the nighthawk series...
Can't make a determination if failure was due to poor workmanship or being bounced around due to poor packaging, November 13, 2014
Bought 2 of these. Both were received with bent contacts, had to bend them back into position prior to installation. About 5 weeks after installation one failed, no warranty information on package. Can't make a determination if failure was due to...
Product Features
  • Ease the challenge of Night Driving
  • See Further along the Road
  • Replace in Pairs for Optimum Performance
  • Street Legal Lighting
  • Ultra bright
Product Description
Ultra Bright NIGHTHAWK. Drive with the confidence. Compared to GE standard automotive OEM bulbs, Nighthawk interior courtesy lighting and exterior signal lighting offer, on average, 50 percent additional brightness.
GE NightHawk Automotive Replacement Bulbs provide optimal illumination for safer driving after dark. These ultra-bright, street-legal bulbs ease the challenge of night driving by making it easier to see farther down the road. According to the National Safety Council, automotive related death rates are three times greater at night than during the day. With the NightHawk bulbs lighting the way, you'll drive safer and with greater confidence. And since these bulbs are just as easy to install as any other replacement bulb, you can reap the benefits of NightHawk's intelligent bulb technology within a few short minutes.

GE Nighthawk sport headlamps feature high performance, blue-white light, putting a whole new light on your driving experience.

NightHawk bulbs are designed for all drivers. Whether you're an automotive do-it-yourselfer looking to upgrade to the latest lighting technology, or a casual driver simply seeking the brightest GE bulbs available, the NightHawk delivers by putting more light on the road in areas where you need it the most. Using a robust filament and a refined, xenon gas composition, Nighthawk produces an average 30-percent more luminance than GE's standard original-equipment halogen bulbs. Plus, with the vast range of the NightHawk product line, 95-percent of cars and light trucks on the road today can benefit from GE's new bulb technology.

More and more time is spent in vehicles, both for business and pleasure, so brighter bulbs and better vision can make a big difference. If you're looking for more light, greater visibility at a distance, and improved driver confidence, then look no further than the GE NightHawk automotive replacement bulbs.

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