Community Question: 2016 Colorado Duramax Or 2016 Silverado 1500? - GM Authority (blog)

I’d go mid-trim optioned Silverado with the 4. 3. Solid motor with solid specs and solid MPG. They should’ve made the diesel $1000-1500 on top of that. I really like both. But I’d really like to see them finish the 4. 5 duramax and put it in the 1500. Throw in the new 9-10 speed auto in it. And give it some power. I would go with the diesel Colorado. Having owned 2 TDI’s I know that a diesel vehicle can exceed the manufactures fuel economy estimates (an unknown with the Colorado as of right now) by a significant margin. Also, my 2004 Sierra 2500 HD diesel is way to big for my needs and I think that Colorado would be a better fit. I wish GM would not force you to go to an upscale model to get the diesel. I don’t care for the crew cab, I would much prefer the extended cab but looks like that is not an option. I think a 1500 bonus cab with the 4. 3 is a much better value. GM can you PLEASE start using the 8 speed with the V6. Ram has been doing it for 2 years now. I think with the 8 speed the 1500 4. 3 combo would easily pass 25mpg highway, maybe more. Source: