Stant 10591D Diesel Locking Fuel Cap

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Customer reviews
Works like a champ - good price, January 22, 2014
This cap does exactly what it says it does. I decided to order it because the green diesel cap wasn't available from my local guys, or they wanted a hefty premium for it over the other colors. It took a little while to figure out how to use it but...
I've had it a few months now and only had ..., October 11, 2017
I've had it a few months now and only had to fill up 4-5 times and the cap won't unlock. Thankfully I was just topping off the tank so still had enough fuel to get home and figure out how to remove it. Do yourself a favor and buy higher quality.
Diesel Green AND Locks!, March 29, 2017
Gotta love this cap! Diesel Green, with fuel specific image and writing on it- only an idiot would pump gasoline past it.*Me @ Fuel Pump <----(idiot who might pump gasoline past it and needed a good reminder) - (lol)
Product Features
  • A quality locking mechanism deters fuel theft and vandalism
  • A new gas cap can pay for itself in less than three months
  • Replacing an old, leaky or missing gas cap can save as much as a gallon of gas every 15 days
  • Original equipment performance and safety standards
  • OEM quality construction and materials
Product Description
Stant locking gas caps are OEM quality both in construction and materials as well as deterrent to fuel theft and vandalism. A gas/fuel cap performs three very important functions; safety of the vehicle's occupants, fuel economy and reduce emissions. Safety: Without a fuel cap, gasoline vapors will be present around your car at all times. Those vapors can be ignited by a random spark or flame and are very dangerous if you are involved in an accident or rollover. Fuel Economy: According to Sun Oil Company research, a vehicle with a missing or inoperative fuel cap will allow 176 pounds (22 gallons) of gasoline to evaporate over the period of one year. Emissions: Gasoline vapors emit hydrocarbons which dissolve the earth's ozone layer and cause smog.