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Kitchen Strainers Set of 5 - Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Sifter, Silver by Eternal Chef by Eternal Chef

  • STAINLESS STEEL - Made from durable stainless steel material, these...
  • EASY STORAGE - Strainers fit neatly inside one another and feature...
  • SET OF 5 - Comes in a set of 5 sifters in a range of sizes, 2 1/4",...

Product Description

Kitchen Strainers Set of 5 - Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Sifter, Silver by Eternal Chef

Eternal Chef fine mesh food strainers are an essential tool in any kitchen providing professional quality for the home chef. They come in a convenient set of 5 different sizes and can be used for a variety of tasks sush as sifting dry ingredients, straining pasta, rinsing fruit, grains or beans and any other food preparation. Their concave shape allows you to drain liquid from any food item without bruising or squishing.

The nest together for easy storage and each strainer has a convenient hanging hole.

Constructed of durable strainless steel, they are sure to last without rusting. The long handle makes it easy to hold with one hand while pouring something in with the other hand. They can also rest easily over a bowl or pot for easy hands free use.

The 5 piece set is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup without the frustration of hand washing a fine mesh sieve.


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Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker, 18\8 (304) Stainless Steel Reusable Drip Cone Coffee Filter, Single Cup Coffee Brewer by cafellissimo

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Cafellissimo is committed to providing a...
  • SIMPLE TO USE - being compact and lightweight, the coffee drip cone...

Product Description

The best coffee in the world is made when you take the time to brew it with a Cafellissimo Clever Coffee Dripper!


Simply place the dripper over your mug, pour in hot water, & enjoy.
Drink unforgettable coffee in less than 60 seconds.

Why a CAFELLISSIMO Coffee Filter?

The cone fits over small to large mugs or pots without spilling.
Made of high-quality stainless steel that will not rust.
Competitors’ units do not have the fine wire mesh at the bottom.

How to Use

Pour hot water over the dripper to preheat it.
Remove the water; fill with grounded coffee, tapping the edges.
Set unit over the designated cup or pot.
Pour 10% of water across the cones.
Add rest of water slowly in a circular motion, keeping the water level consistent.
Wait for the water to brew.
Remove the filter from the cup or pot.
Dump the grounds, scrub the filter, & serve from the cup.

Product Details

Fits Securely Over Most Cups
Reusable Micro Mesh Filter (No Paper Needed)
Stainless Steel 18/8 Grade
Lightweight, Compact Travel Size
Makes 1-2 Cups of Coffee
Use 2 Tablespoons of Coffee Grounds per 6 oz. of Water
Dishwasher Safe or Hand Washable
Dimensions 5.2-by-4.5-by-3.4 inches

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days for a refund.

A perfectly brewed cup of coffee doesn't come from a plastic cup; it's hand-poured through the Cafellissimo Pour Over Coffee Dripper.

Get the Cafellissimo Pour Over Coffee Dripper by clicking "Add to Cart.”


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YaeKoo Pro Chef Kitchen Stainless Steel Cooking Grease Mess Eliminator Splatter Screen Guard for Frying Crisp Bacon by YaeKoo

  • THE ONLY PAN COVER YOU NEED The unique design of our splatter guard...
  • ELIMINATE MESS - Eliminate time spent cleaning up grease splatter,...

Customer reviews
Fantastic product!, November 22, 2016
Fantastic product!. Cooked a steak and effectively contained most of the grease splatter.A very small amount of splatter came out when I had to lift the lid in order to turn the steak.Not the products fault of course. I wish I had bought...
Product Description

Food Grade Premium Stainless Steel
Enjoy frying bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns
Easily fits pots and pans up to 12 inches
Prevent splatter burns and grease fires
Make clean up easy

Our Splatter Screen is dishwasher safe and features a folding handle. At Top House our focus is the continuous innovation & improvement of Home & Kitchen Goods. Our mission is to make your home life a cinch


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Omgogo Premium Fine Mesh 100% Stainless Steel Mesh Splatter Screens (29 cm) by omgogo

  • Mesh Screens with Durable Metal Handles
  • splatter screen set prevents oil splatters whilecooking and...
  • A must have for every kitchen

Product Description

splatter screen set prevents oil splatters while cooking and stir-frying. An essential set for any kitchen. Features lightweight durable metal handles. 11.5 inch diameter screen.

Food Strainer, Set of 3, by HouseBasics, Ideal as Quinoa, Tea, Spaghetti Strainer, and more! Stainless Steel and Ultra-Fine Mesh. Great Strainer for Any Style of Cooking or Baking! Get Yours Today! by HouseBasicsTM

  • STRAIN PASTA IN A SNAP ==> The handheld design is great for small...
  • TOP QUALITY AND STURDY ==> HouseBasics offers a 2 YEAR WARRANTY on...
  • KITCHEN STRAINER FOR ANY USE ==> Whether you need to strain tuna or...

Customer reviews
Must have kitchen accessory!!!, July 8, 2016
The mesh on these strainers are perfect for what I was looking for. I like to make stevia ginger beer as well as chai tea from scratch and these strainers are perfect for straining the liquid from the spices and ginger pulp. I like that these...
10/10 would buy again if i lost them, November 18, 2016
worked great for making thai tea
Missing Small Strainer, July 16, 2016
I was disappointed when I opened the package to find the small strainer missing. The product looks well made with nice fine mesh. I had to return rather than do a replacement.
Product Description

Food Strainer, Set of 3, by HouseBasics. Ideal Quinoa Strainer, Tea Strainer, Spaghetti Strainer, and more!Never Buy Another Strainer Again! Perfect Strainer or Sifter for Any Style of Cooking or Baking.• Are you tired of quinoa and other grains falling through your current strainer?
• Do you only have one size of strainer that's either too big or too small for the job you need?
• Is your current strainer flimsy and rusting?
Introducing the New Food Strainer Set by HouseBasics!• Ultra Fine Mesh prevents any grains or seeds from falling through unwanted.
• Stainless Steel and High Quality will last you a lifetime!
• Three convenient sizes for all of your needs: 2-3/4 in., 5-1/2 in., and 7-3/4 in. All conveniently stack or hang on the wall for easy storage.
• Smallest Strainer is ideal for making teas, straining out lemon seeds, sifting powdered sugar, and much more!
• Larger Strainers are ideal for cooking quinoa, pasta, seeding raspberries, straining broths and soups, etc.
Amazon Buyers Trust our HouseBasics Products to be High Quality and Long-Lasting.You are backed by our TWO-YEAR WARRANTY and NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED Return Policy!This Special Bundle-Pricing cannot be guaranteed, so CLICK BUY NOW!


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CETHIAS Citrus Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater For Parmesan Cheese, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Chocolate - Razor-Sharp Stainless Steel Blade / Protect Cover / Hook & Cleaning Brush / Dishwasher Safe (Yellow) by CETHIAS

  • ❤ TIME SAVER IN KITCHEN ★Once you owned this zester/grater,no more...
  • ❤ EASY TO CLEAN ★Just place this high-end Grater & Zester in the...
  • ❤ COMFORTABLE & SAFE ★Non-slip ergonomic soft grip handle for...

Product Description

The CETHIAS Grater-Zester: The most convenient tool for you to Zest and Grate

Professional Performance + Perfect Modern Contemporary Design!

✔ Premium High Quality Stainless Steel Blades
Super Sharp Blades. Made of 304 Stainless Steel. The best kitchen Zester&Grater with reliability and value. Long-lasting and Rustproof.

✔ EXTRA THICK & Non-slip Rubber Feet
1.2mm thickness for added strength and durability.
Rubber feet to protect counter tops and grip cutting boards to prevent slip.

✔ Protective Cover & Hook & Cleaning Brush Included
We not only provide the Zester-Grater for you, but also strive to provide you the best service when you use our product. Protect Cover for safety, Hook for storage, Brush for Cleaning.
✔ Bring Out The Richness In Your Cooking
Amaze your friends with new, restaurant-like recipes. Add strong new flavors with freshly zested ingredients without any bitter pith taste. When using the grater with hard cheeses such as parmesan, you'll get a nice pile of cheese that melts almost instantly on hot pasta.

Package Included:
1 x Grater
1 x Protect Cover
1 x Stainless Steel S Hook
1 x Cleaning Brush

Thank you for choosing CETHIAS products. If you are not satisfied with CETHIAS products, please feel free to contact us. We strive to be a trusted partner and seeks to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Please use the detergent to clean it before the first use.


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Pour Over Coffee Filter Reusable Cone-Shaped Dripper for Paperless Single Cup Brewed Coffee Maker by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

  • Because each set is made of metal instead plastic, the essential...
  • The coffee dripper set comes in two pieces. A reusable coffee...
  • Having a morning cup of coffee is a ritual for many people. This...

Product Description

Our pour over coffee filter cone is engineered to give you a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with each and every use. The stainless steel mesh features an ultra fine weave, that allows flavorful coffee to pass through but keeps all the grounds contained in the filter. Never buy or discard another coffee filter again and help protect out environment. Our Permanent coffee filter not only eliminates paper waste, but it also ensures that all of the nutrients and natural flavor oils from your coffee end up in your cup rather than in the filter. Cleaning up is as easy as rinsing well with warm water or putting it into the dishwasher. Our coffee filter features superior durability and is corrosion and rust proof. The coffee filter also gives you full control of your coffee such as the grind level, water amount, and temperature to ensure every cup of coffee is the best it can be. POUR OVER COFFEE DRIPPER will make you say goodbye to expensive and wasteful paper filters COFFEE DRIPPERS do not absorb essentials oils and tastes from coffee beans unlike regular filters COFFEE DRIPPER SET can be cleaned by simply rinse with warm water or put into the dishwasher REUSABLE COFFEE FILTER CONE can simply be rinsed by hand without the need to use any chemicals COFFEE DRIPPER STAINLESS STEEL helps clean our environment by eliminating single use coffee filters COFFEE DRIPPER is made out of sturdy stainless steel that can withstand anything you throw at it REUSABLE COFFEE FILTER is lightweight allowing you to carry it anywhere you go and brew your coffee STAINLESS STEEL FILTER allows you to brew coffee without any added contaminants or unwanted tastes SLOW DRIP COFFEE MAKER is designed to fit on cups, mugs, thermoses, small pots, and even carafes COFFEE DRIP STAND has an elongated handle provides better grip and heat dispersion


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Hexada Stainless Steel Non-Stick Cooling and Baking Rack - 16.5 X 11.5 Inch by Hexada

  • FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: your Hexada rack will help you cook...
  • THE SEARCH IS OVER - The Hexada Rack is designed and engineered...
  • ENJOY QUALITY TIME IN YOUR KITCHEN - Every chef needs this solid...

Customer reviews
Granddaughter Wants More, August 5, 2017
I just heard from my granddaughter. I bought this for her a few months ago, and she loves it so much, she wants another one. It is so nice to have such a small grid, so things don't fall through, and to not have to worry about the toxicity and...
Great size, very versatile!, January 5, 2017
Use this so much, that we bought a second one. Cooked a butterflied whole chicken on it, so much faster than traditional roasted chicken. Use half sheet stainless steel tray to catch drippings.
Helps in the Kitchen, April 6, 2017
This rack is a multitasker. I use it for baking to cool cakes and cookies and I use it in the oven when I'm roasting chicken. It's very useful and I'm happy that I added it to my kitchen equipment.
Product Description

This Hexada rack is created to make cooking easy and pleasant.

Cooking of food over open fire or storing it in the fridge and everything in-between - it's all fulfilled perfectly by this mighty grid.

 Big enough to cook or cool large loaves of bread or meat yet completely functional for small cookies or vegetables.

 Perfectly engineered with optimal spacing of its wire pattern and ideal height of its stable feet.

 Successfully used in professional kitchens - takes all the intense and vigorous scrubbing even with a steel ribbon.

Unlike all cheap aluminum or iron versions with or without coating or plating, it will never crack or rust. The entire grid is designed strong and stable enough for even the heaviest pots to be placed on the rack. Extremely versatile: cook, cool or bake on it anything from fish to chicken to vegetables to cookies to anything that comes to mind. The Hexada rack does not need special maintenance or care. It can be cleaned perfectly in dishwasher and comes with FREE eco-friendly scrubbing sponge. What you see is what you expect, what you expect is what you get.

The Hexada rack is the ultimate kitchen gadget:
 right material
 right size
 right weight
 right stability
 right sturdiness
 right design
And last but not least - right price.

At this price the Hexada rack goes like crazy - buy one and get discount for a second one before it's gone.

Rambling 30 Oz Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler Mug Handle+2PC Straws+1PC Cleaning Brush by Rambling

  • ✯WIDELY USED:Set of 4pcs extra long stainless straws (4...
  • ✯LENGTH:270mm/10.5"
  • ✯HEALTHLY:Made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel,FDA approved,no...

Product Description

Made of high quality food gradable material
Slides on & off with ease
Fits securely in the car cup holder
Doesn't fall off
Not abrasive to the tumbler
Fits perfectly and features a soft grip
Can be washed if needed
Designed to Fit in Most Standard Cup Holders, 30oz
We have a 100% cash back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
You can also find stainless steel tumbler with high quality in our store
Senior high-grade appearance generous, appropriate fields and family use
Package Content:
30 Oz Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler Mug Handle
4PC Straws
1PC Cleaning Brush
1PC Splash Proof Lid


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Stainless Steel Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater with Safety Cover,For Parmesan Cheese, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Chocolate, Vegetables, Fruits (Black) by Hui MS

  • Easy to use ingenious design is designed to extract the best flavor...
  • Comfortable handle & non-slip foot.The ergonomic handle is...
  • Easy to Clean, Just pass it under running water,The brush also...

Product Description

A Universal Tool That Makes Daily Cooking Easy!

* Premium Grade Stainless Steel Blade Assures Food Contact Safety.
* Non-Slip Soft Handle for Good Grips.
* Dishwasher Safe and Easy To Clean .
* Razor Sharp, Safe and Durable Edges

The Zester-Grater's sharp grating edges allows you to zest and grate almost anything - coconut, potato, cabbage, apple, lemon, lime, orange, onion, papaya, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic, carrot, chocolate, etc.

The cutters are especially sharp, which guarantees easy grating. But this also means you'll need to exercise extra caution--no one likes grated knuckles.