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  • 1996 bmw ci 850 bmw850 8series 8er e31 8serie bmwe31 8reeks sidecode6 12xhfs

    1996 BMW 850 Ci (E31)

    Place: Antwerpen

    Photo by rvandermaar on Flickr

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    Morris Mini Cooper MK III (7141)

    Manufacturer: British Motor Corporation (BMC), Longbridge - UK Type: Morris Mini Cooper MK III Engine: 848cc straight-4 Power: 37 bhp / 5.500 rpm Speed: 115 km/h Production time: 1968 - 1980 Production time: 1959 -...

    Photo by Le Photiste on Flickr

  • auto above red color colour berlin bird classic cars colors beauty germany nikon automobile europe european colours power 1996 engineering 1999 voiture 1993 german coche soul carros classics bmw carro 1997 1998 1991 1992 1989 1995 autos 1994 ? macchina coupe catchy 1990 coches csi voitures toprope 850 birdview meilenwerk automobil macchine 8series altmoabit e31 850i ???????? 850csi wiebestrasse classicremise

    BMW 8-Series E31 (1989-1999)

    Photo by Transaxle (alias Toprope) on Flickr

  • street blackandwhite portugal car blackwhite automobile lisboa lisbon streetlife vehicles coche carros automobiles streetshot streetimages lisboanarua autoglamma avderoma worldcars blackandwhiteonly streetpassionaward carrosemportugal

    Morgan +4

    Av. de Roma, Lisbon, Portugal in Wikipedia 1952 "flat radiator" Morgan +4 1963 Morgan +4 The Morgan +4 was introduced in 1950 as a larger-engined ("plus") car than the 4–4. The +4 used the 2088...

    Photo by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr

  • performance german bmw 1990s

    263 BMW 850 CSi (1996)

    BMW 8 series (1989-99) total production 30,621 Registration Numbe B 1 DWM The 840 and 850 8 series supplanted the 6 series in 1991 but was not intended as a replacement. The cars with their higher price tags and...

    Photo by robertknight16 on Flickr

  • german bmw 1990s worldcars

    66 BMW 850 CSi (1994)

    BMW 850 CSi (1992-96) Engine 5576cc V12 Production *31,062 (*all 8 series) Registration Number L 850 TGP BMW SET Chassis code E31, the 2+2 Coupe was...

    Photo by robertknight16 on Flickr

  • germany german bmw 1990s worldcars

    62 BMW 850CSi (1995)

    BMW 850 CSi (1992-96) Engine 5576cc V12 Production *31,062 (*all 8 series) Registration Number A 13 CSR BMW SET Chassis code E31, the 2 2 Coupe was unveiled...

    Photo by robertknight16 on Flickr

  • sports car silver m german bmw csi s70 850 v12 8series 850i 4ws 850csi 375hp m80spt s70b56

    BMW 850Csi 5.6L V12 375hp 0-60 5.6s

    As a top-of-the-range sports tourer, the 850CSi took over from the prototype M8. The 850CSi used the same engine as the 850i, which was tuned so significantly that BMW assigned it a new engine code: S70B56. The...

    Photo by Dave TAZ on Flickr

  • moto bmw motorcycle bmwmotorrad dijonprenois coupesmotolégende

    BMW R 850 - 1996 - Daniel GILLES

    Photo by Editions LVA on Flickr

  • Latest classic car auction commentary: 25/08/2015

    08/25/15, via Classic Cars for Sale

    During what is likely to amount to a £2m barrier breaking afternoon (after only a very few more post-sales have been buttoned up), a 2001 BMW Z8 Roadster left hooker also cruised into new hands for £152,250 with 5% premium. A previously restored

  • Bertone: all'asta l'intera collezione del Museo di Caprie

    08/25/15, via

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 1963; Alfa Romeo Giulia SS 1963; Alfa 2600 Sprint 1964; Alfa Romeo Montreal 1972; Lamborghini Miura S 1967; Fiat 850 Spider 1968; Runabout 1969; Fiat Dino Coupè 1970; Lamborghini Espada 1970; Bertone Shake 1970; Lancia

  • Zes bijzondere DTM-racers die je waarschijnlijk niet kent

    08/25/15, via (Blog)

    Of je bij DTM nu denkt aan iconen als de Mercedes 190 Evolution en de E30 M3 of de moderne racers van Audi, Mercedes en BMW, er zijn ook minder bekende deelnemers aan de DTM. Zo nam Opel ooit deel met een Kadett(!), maar deed er ook dik 

  • Volvo becoming unlikely performance brand

    07/15/15, via USA TODAY

    Volvo just announced that it has purchased all of Polestar, a tuning outfit that has drawn more power out of Volvos since 1996. Among them are BMW M, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Audi RS, Lexus F and Cadillac V-Series. The performance arm won't just be about

  • 2016 Volvo XC90: How Sweden matched Germany for tech, safety, and performance

    06/18/15, via ExtremeTech

    It competes in the premium midsize SUV market alongside the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz ML/GL, and Acura MDX. US-based competitors are either a class below (in price), such as the Ford Explorer or Dodge Durango, or a half-size bigger, such as 

  • Glock Lawsuit: Gun Biz Run Like the Mob

    03/24/15, via Daily Beast

    BMW M3 and M4. “This is more of a driver's car. Has a big steering angle.” BMW M6. “So much horsepower and torque. A total ball to drive.” Dodge Challenger. “A domestic US car with a lot of horsepower and torque.” In The Drifter's Seat. Vaughn Gittin

  • San Rafael Police Log

    07/02/15, via Marinscope Community Newspapers

    Two subjects approached a maroon 1994 BMW in a parking lot and asked the driver and passenger for a cigarette. Suspect 1 pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun Evading a police officer: 500 block of Fourth Street. An officer attempted to stop a

Glock Lawsuit: Gun Biz Run Like the Mob - Daily Beast

The gun magnate’s newest headache comes in the form of a federal lawsuit filed last week in Cobb County, Georgia, by Jeffrey Pombert, an attorney who claims that Glock and his associates turned on him when a Glock-ordered internal investigation... In his lawsuit, Pombert says he was on a team of private investigators hired to look into corruption within the company after one of Glock’s most trusted business partners allegedly tried to have the Austrian gunmaker murdered, to cover up his own... In response, to further their own racketeering activities, the suit claims Glock and his associates organized the malicious prosecution of the investigative team to “silence, punish, and discredit” them. Pombert’s case is the first to come from five men who have filed notices of intent to sue the city of Smyrna, Georgia, if they are not compensated for what they claim was their unwarranted criminal investigation by police, allegedly undertaken on... The city’s attorney, Harvey Gray, responded to allegations that the city and police department had been unjustified in the arrests and prosecutions of the Glock-organized team, telling The Daily Report in 2013 they “did not act as a pawn in doing... Source:

San Rafael Police Log - Marinscope Community Newspapers

Possession of a controlled substance for sale: 800 block of Third Street. An adult male and a teenage male were contacted during a probation search. Police found two baggies of marijuana, cash and a text message suggesting the sale of a controlled substance in possession of the teen subject, who is on juvenile probation. The adult subject consented to a search, which uncovered 11 baggies of individually packaged suspected methamphetamine, a bindle of six pills of xanax, suspected marijuana and $280 in $20 denominations. The adult subject was seen loitering in the area of the transit center an hour earlier. The adult subject was arrested and booked. Two subjects approached a maroon 1994 BMW in a parking lot and asked the driver and passenger for a cigarette. Suspect 1 pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun and the two suspects then robbed the victims. Suspect 1 put his gun to the driver’s head, took the vehicle and drove onto eastbound Highway 580. A search for the subjects was negative. A male subject sent numerous death threats via text message to his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend. A male subject was found staggering through the 7-11 parking lot and appeared to be intoxicated. A man and woman were involved in an argument at their apartment when the male subject started yelling and hitting walls. Source:

2016 KTM 125 SX & 150 SX 2-Stroke First Ride -

MotoUSA just got back from Crawfordsville, Indiana where we had the chance to ride all the new 2016 KTM motocross bikes, including the all-new 125 SX and 150 SX two-strokes on the Ironman Raceway Motocross track. The new 125 SX and 150 SX have lost some serious weight and gained power. The all-new KTM 125cc engine for 2016 is nothing like the 2015 powerplant, it was designed and built using the latest KTM engineering and technology. The new chassis combined with the more compact and powerful engine makes both the 125 SX and 150 SX pure bliss to ride. 2016 KTM 150 SX. For 2016 an all-new and lighter engine (just like the 125 SX but with an added 25ccs) produces more torque and power and lives in a totally new chassis, like the 125 SX. In fact there isn’t much difference between the two bikes,... The 150 SX has the agility of the 125 SX but with more power and torque all the way the power curve, making the 150 SX, dare we say, even more fun to ride. Pin It To Win It. If we didn’t mention it already, the 125 SX and 150 SX are hugely fun to ride and with the right rider can turn some. Source:
  • Past Blast: 1996-1997 Volvo 850 R

    04/06/14, via

    In light of Volvo’s recent success in this year’s V8 Supercar championship we thought we’d take a look at one of its great sports cars from the past, the Volvo 850 R. Built from 1996 to 1997, the front-driven 850 R was a follow up to the successful T-5R.

  • 1996 BMW 8 Series

    03/07/13, via Kelley Blue Book

    "I have owned my 850ci since 1997. It was one of the last ones to come into the country. I was a previous owner of a 1973 e-type Jaguar (V12) so I was not afraid of the engine. My 850ci is much more reliable. I was once ticketed by the Nevada Highway ...

  • eBay Find: Custom made 1993 BMW 850CSi

    10/24/12, via BMW BLOG

    Number 539 out of 1510 built BMW 850 CSi models ... the prototype M8. The 850CSi used the same engine as the 850i, which was tuned so significantly that BMW assigned it a new engine code: S70B56. Production ended in late 1996 because the S70 engine could ...

  • Buyer Guide: Yamaha TDM 850 & 900 - 1996-2001 TDM 850 & 2002-Present TDM900 p3

    10/12/10, via Visordown

    The main criticism on the 850 is regulator rectifier failure with six in our survey ... the paint flakes off the engine and swing arms look tatty fast. Some owners think the pre 1996 bikes are better than the later ones. Exhausts are common as the ...

  • Used car review BMW 520i (E34) 1988-1996

    01/21/09, via CarsGuide

    From November 1992 the 520i had BMW’s VANOS variable valve timing system, which boosted performance. Only available in auto form, VANOS-equipped cars will command between $13,500 and $17,000. The last of the line, from 1996, will cost between $19,500 and ...

  • BMW 850 CSI Super Coupe - A Quarter Century Of DINAN

    10/31/04, via Super Street

    Its first 50-state emissions-legal turbo systems appeared on the 850 and 750 BMWs; it was also at this time that the company started to moved from turbocharging to supercharging. In 1996, BMW recognized the quality of Dinan's products and began honoring ...

BMW 850 CSI Test.

BMW 850 CSI Test.

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