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2008 Honda Ridgeline review and start up - A quick look at the 2008 Ridgeline

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  • honda ridgeline 2008 gray pickup truck rts gasoline 6 cylinders 4 ...
    honda ridgeline 2008 gray pickup truck rts gasoline 6 cylinders 4 ...
  • 2008 Honda Ridgeline 4 Wheel Drive
    2008 Honda Ridgeline 4 Wheel Drive
  • honda ridgeline 2008 gray pickup truck rts gasoline 6 cylinders 4 ...
    honda ridgeline 2008 gray pickup truck rts gasoline 6 cylinders 4 ...
    Image by 2040cars.com
  • ridgeline rtl 2006 honda ridgeline rtl 4 wheel drive fully loaded ...
    ridgeline rtl 2006 honda ridgeline rtl 4 wheel drive fully loaded ...
    Image by ebay.com
  • honda ridgeline 2008 gray pickup truck rts gasoline 6 cylinders 4 ...
    honda ridgeline 2008 gray pickup truck rts gasoline 6 cylinders 4 ...
  • Sold 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL
    Sold 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL
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  • 2008 Honda Ridgeline LX
    2008 Honda Ridgeline LX

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  • Honda Ridgeline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Honda Ridgeline 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTS -- NHTSA 1.jpg Overview Manufacturer Honda Production 2005–2014 Model years 2006–2014 Assembly 2005-2008: Alliston, Ontario, CA2008-2014: Lincoln, Alabama, US Body and chassis Class Mid-size sport utility truck Body style 4-door truck Layout Transversely-mounted front engine, four-wheel drive Related Honda Pilot Powertrain Engine 3.5 liter V62005-2008: 247 hp, 245 lb-ft2009-2014: 250 hp, 247 lb-ft Transmission 5-speed automatic Dimensions Wheelbase 122 in (310 cm) Length 2006-2008: 206.8 in (525 cm)2009-2011: 207 in (526 cm)2012-2014: 206.9 in (526 cm) Width 77.8 in (198 cm) Height 70.3 in (179 cm)2012-2014 RTL: 71.2 in (181 cm)

    The Honda Ridgeline is a mid-size sport utility truck produced by the Japanese automaker Honda. The Ridgeline was released in March 2005 as a 2006 model and is Honda's first foray into the North American pickup truck market. The Ridgeline was built in Alliston, Ontario (HCM) and in 2009 its assembly was moved to Lincoln, Alabama (HMA).[1] Production ended in mid-2014.[2][3]

    In December 2013, the automaker announced it will not give up on the pickup with an all-new Ridgeline that is being planned within two years.[3][4]


    1 First generation 1.1 Design 1.2 Powertrain 1.3 Equipment 1.4 Facelift 2 Awards 3 Marketing and sales 4 Second generation 5 References 6 External links First generation[edit] Design[edit]

    2004 Honda Ridgeline concept vehicle

    2006 Honda Ridgeline at the 2005 Toronto International Autoshow with an ATV in its bed, also equipped with optional roof rack and brush guard

    The Ridgeline is "Honda's first foray into the true heartland of the American automotive way of life."[5] The vehicle was designed and engineered in Honda R&D Americas facilities in Raymond, Ohio.[6] A team of 37 engineers was led by a former General Motors designer who previously worked on the Chevrolet S-10 pickup, Gary Flint, developed the Honda vehicle in over four years at under $250 million.[7] The design was first revealed as the Honda SUT concept car in 2004.

    Illustration of the Honda Ridgeline's closed-box unibody frame

    Honda engineers developed the Ridgeline using the Honda Pilot and MDX "as a base to start building what we targeted as additional truck structure back into the vehicle."[8] It has a closed-box unibody frame with four-wheel independent suspension, and its rear suspension design provides space for a storage area below the bed, referred to as an in-bed trunk.[8][9][10]

    The 5 ft (152 cm) cargo bed is integrated with the body, similar to the Chevrolet Avalanche, which can be extended to 6.6 ft (201 cm) with the tailgate in the down position. The bed's width between the wheel wells is 4.1 ft (125 cm); given very little wheel well protrusion, that number is close to the maximum width of the overall bed. The bed has multiple tie down cleats, rated at 350 lb (159 kg), and has special guides built into the bed to accommodate two large off-road motorcycles or one large all-terrain vehicle. The Ridgeline’s bed is also equipped with four in-bed lights designed to support a minimum 10 lux light level anywhere in the bed.[11] The Ridgeline has a payload capacity ranging from 1,559 lb (707 kg) to 1,475 lb (669 kg), depending on trim,[10] and its tailgate is designed to handle dynamic loads of up to 300 lb (136 kg).[11] The Ridgeline's bed is a steel-reinforced composite with steel crossmembers and a non-slip, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant surface.[12] When comparing this payload capacity with other mid-size body-on-frame trucks of the same model year, such as Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier, the Ridgeline has greater capacity than its competition.[13][14][15] The Ridgeline's tailgate has a unique dual-action hinging system that allows it to be opened no differently than any other truck tailgate but can also be swung open to one side, like a car door, to provide easier access to the bed.[11]

    Honda lists a 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) maximum towing capacity for the Ridgeline which is over 1,000 lb (454 kg) less than its nearest rivals, even when you take into account the Ridgeline's curb weight and gross combined weight rating (GCWR).[10][13][14]

    The Ridgeline has a four-wheel independent suspension with MacPherson struts in the front and a multi-link design, with trailing arms, in the rear.[10] According to Ridgeline's chief engineer (Gary Flint), the Ridgeline's rear suspension was designed with upright springs and dampers using an "exclusive geometry" to better support "saver loads."[16] The Ridgeline has four-wheel disk brakes with 13.1 in (33 cm) ventilated front discs, with two piston calipers, and 12.6 in (32 cm) solid rear discs, with one piston calipers.[16][17][18]

    Animation illustrating Honda Ridgeline's multifunction tailgate and trunk operations

    2009-2014 Honda Ridgeline RTL (with navigation) interior layout and design

    The Ridgeline's drivetrain, frame, and suspension design allowed engineers to build a unique watertight and drainable 8.5 cu ft (241 l) in-bed trunk at the rear of the bed that also houses a temporary or full-size spare tire and is lockable. --Since accessing this in-bed trunk would be difficult with a loaded bed, the Ridgeline has a temporary mounting location for the spare tire on the right side of the bed wall by the cab's rear window.--[19][20] This design also allowed engineers to build a truck with 8.2 in (21 cm) of ground clearance while providing a low entry and excet hight for the cab.[10] This drivetrain and frame design also allowed engineers to build a flat load floor in the second row passenger area with 2.6 cu ft (74 l) of under-seat storage[10] or 41.4 cu ft (1 m3) of storage when the 60/40 split bench seat is stowed in the up, or retracted, position.[21]

    According to the Ridgeline's chief engineer, the sheet metal design of the Ridgeline's engine hood allowed engineers to build windshield wipers that are protected from the wind; they also built in automatic heating elements into the lower windshield to help improve wiper performance in cold weather.[16] This hood design also allowed the engineers to build a patented cold air intake system for the engine that's mounted high in the compartment, above the radiator, to support torque production during high engine temperature conditions.[22] According to Gary Flint, the sheet metal design of the Ridgeline's bed was built to maintain good aerodynamics and reduce air turbulence between the cab and the tailgate while maintaining driver visibility.[16]


    The Ridgeline is powered by a transversely mounted J35A9 (2006–2008) or J35Z5 (2009–2014),[9] 3.5 l (214 cu in) V6 engine with a five speed automatic transmission and comes with transmission and power steering coolers standard on all models.[10]

    According to the Ridgeline's chief engineer, the truck's Variable Torque Management Four-Wheel Drive (VTM-4) system "provides front-wheel drive for dry-pavement cruising conditions and engages all-wheel drive when needed to improve stability or maneuverability" via an electromagnetically driven clutch-operated differential (Honda partnered with BorgWarner for its development[23]). Gary Flint wrote, "After studying various all-wheel and four-wheel drive systems offered by the wide variety of pickups on the market today, Ridgeline engineers concluded that virtually everyone had functional shortcomings and was undesirably bulky and heavy. The direct result of that research was to use Honda’s innovative fully automatic VTM-4 system." VTM-4's fully automatic design distributes torque to the axles and wheels that need it most based on driver input (the accelerator), driving conditions, and wheel slippage. The clutches in the rear differential can be manually engaged (VTM-4 Lock) in first, second or reverse gears and will gradually decrease the amount of rear wheel torque as driving speeds increase; at 18 mph (29 km/h) the lock is automatically disengaged but will reengage when speed drop below 18 mph (29 km/h) or until VTM-4 Lock is turned off.[24]


    In addition to heated windshield wiper zones, the Ridgeline comes standard with anti-lock brakes with an electronic brake distribution system, tire pressure monitoring system, daytime running lights (for the 2009-2014 models), four-wheel drive lock mode, a vehicle stability assist system with off switch (for off-road use), digital information display, three 12V DC electrical outlets (two front, one rear), and multiple airbags with rollover sensor. Regardless of trim level, all Ridgelines come with front bucket seats with multi-function center console and a 60/40 fold-up rear bench seat. Five trim levels are available: RT, RTX or Sport, RTS, RTL, and SE.[10] The Sport model replaced the RTX in 2009 and the SE model was introduced in 2014.

    The short lived RTX trim added gray-painted alloy wheels, body-colored door handles, and factory tow package.[25] while the Sport trim that replaced it added blackout treatment on the bezels surrounding the headlights and brake lights, a black sport grille, 18-inch machine finished black painted alloy wheels, and unique sports badging. The RTS added a 6-way power driver's seat, a 160W stereo with 6-CD changer and subwoofer, body-colored mirrors, silver-painted alloy wheels, and dual-zone climate control system. The RTL added leather trimmed upholstery, heated front seats, XM Satellite Radio, a 115V/100W AC electrical outlet, digital multi-function information display, HomeLink® remote system, ambient console lighting, a moonroof, 18-inch machine-finished silver alloy wheels, and fog lights. Optional on the RTL was GPS navigation with voice recognition;[19]Bluetooth was added to the RTL trim with navigation in 2009.[26] The SE trim was the top of the line model which included every option for the RTL and added a unique black grill, unique polished aluminum 18-inch wheels, special badging, and a black monochrome interior with matching leather upholstery.[10]

    Facelift[edit] Honda Ridgeline Facia Changes.png

    The Ridgeline's was upgraded for the 2009 model year with over 50 changes. These included a new front end with daytime running lights, factory tow hitch, two additional bed cleats, backup camera, a redesigned engine, a revised transmission, an updated instrument cluster, new steering wheel, and the addition of Bluetooth. The new engine (J35Z5) produces three more horsepower and up to 10 more foot-pounds of torque at lower RPMs than its predecessor.[9]

    In 2012, the Sport model was introduced.[27] as were new grills for its RT, RTS, and RTL trims, aerodynamic improvements, and friction reduction measures for the engine.[28]

    The 2014 model year, the last year of Honda's first generation Ridgeline, introduced a top level "Special Edition" trim.[6][10][29]

    Motor Trend truck of the year 2006 [30] North American Truck of the year 2006[31] Marketing and sales[edit]

    The automaker was slow to enter the minivan market as well as the SUV market, so "given that track record it is no surprise that Honda has just now [2005] gotten around to building a pickup truck" that is not designed to compete against the traditional F-150, Silverado, or Ram domestic models, but to "give the 18% of Honda owners who also own pickups a chance to make their garages a Honda-only parking area."[32]

    The Ridgeline is more aptly classified as a sport utility truck with the only other rivals being the Chevrolet Avalanche and Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Other rivals may include the crew-cab versions of compact pickups like the Toyota Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier, both of which follow the traditional pickup layout.[33][34]

    Honda hoped buyers would find it an attractive alternative to large SUVs, and conventional pickup trucks.[35] Some in the press that have evaluated the Ridgeline consider it "one of those odd vehicles..."[36] Pickuptrucks.com wrote, "The Ridgeline can't really do what most people who like trucks need it to do."[36] When comparing the Honda to full-size trucks, the mid-sized Ridgeline falls short.[10][37][38][39]

    2009 Honda Ridgeline RTL (with optional sport grill, brush guard, roof rack, body-side molding, splash guards) towing a large sport boat

    An Autotrader evaluation of the Ridgeline described "trucks such as the Chevy Silverado and even the new 2015 Ford F-150 are just too much truck for most people. Sure, some homeowners and weekend warriors may actually need a 10,000-lb towing capacity, but the Honda Ridgeline is probably just right for most."[40] The Ridgeline's specifications and performance numbers are competitive against other mid-size trucks, such as the crew-cab short-box models of the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier.[10][13][14]

    Since its debut, "Honda's first pickup for the U.S. market is slow to gain traction" with the Nissan Titan pickup also falling short of sales targets and "even mighty Toyota ... keeps going back to the drawing board after stumbling with undersized and underpowered early truck offerings in this all-American segment," while the domestic automakers are succeeding "by responding swiftly to their customers' changing demands and offering good service and a wide variety of models and engine sizes."[41]

    Sales of the Ridgeline were initially slow, partly because it was considered over-priced.[35] Consequently, dealers began to discount the truck, and the average selling price has come down steadily according to J.D. Power.[35] Despite the Ridgeline's slow sales, Honda gave it a slight facelift and added lower-priced Sport model, but the "four-door pickup's sales have been lackluster since its 2006 model year debut."[42]

    The automaker took the unusual step of addressing the gossip about the Ridgeline being dropped from the line up "with an official statement confirming the truck is "here to stay."[42]

    By 2011, the truck's "sales, which were never great to begin with, lately have been in a free fall" prompting Honda's official media web site to include "an open letter from the company's head to truck product planning, denying rumors that the Ridgeline would be dropped and insisting that a pickup truck will remain part of the company's portfolio."[43]

    Parts shortages due to the 2011 T?hoku earthquake and tsunami put production on hold and "this setback likely impacted sales of the already slow-selling pickup," but the company again announced that the Ridgeline "may continue production through 2013."[44]

    The automaker's first entry "into Truck Mountain was met with slow sales," but at the end of 2013, Honda announced plans for a second generation in two years' time.[45]

    As of 2013 the Honda Ridgeline was available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in LHD only.

    Calendar year US sales 2005 42,593[46] 2006 50,193 2007 42,795 2008 33,875 2009 16,464 2010 16,142 2011 9,759 2012 14,068 2013 17,723[47] 2014 13,389 Second generation[edit]

    On July 12, 2013, Honda announced that the Ridgeline will end production after the 2014 model year.[4] The automaker planned to continue production until the replacement was introduced; however, "slow sales of the truck have prompted the automaker to pull it sooner than expected."[48] A redesigned model is expected in 2016, and is not known if the replacement will be an SUT or a traditional body-on-frame truck.[3][4]

    References[edit] ^ Kent, Dawn (2008-11-03).

  • 4 wheel drive - Honda Ridgeline Owners Club Forums

    The drivetrain on the Ridgeline functions in the traditional All Wheel Drive mode fr the most part.

    When pulling away from a stop, the transmission shifts some power to the rear wheels until you pass 18mph. Then while cruising the transmission functions primarily in the front wheel drive mode. If wheel spin is detected in one of the front wheels, partial power is transfered to the rear wheels and the stability system applies braking force to the slipping wheel.

    VTM-4 Lock functions as a traditional four wheel drive mode in Drive 1, Drive 2, and Reverse up to 18mph. When the VTM-4 Lock button is depressed, the electronic clutch packs in the rear differential close essentially locking the rear wheels as in a traditional rear locker and sending up to 70% of the available torque to the rear wheels.

    Hope this helps.

    __________________2006 Ridgeline RTL, Silver with roofrack.2000 Accord V6 EX, White no roofrack.

  • 2008 Honda Ridgeline Truck - Prices & Reviews

    Printable Version Benefits of Driving a 2008 Honda Ridgeline Truck

    The Honda Ridgeline offers unique packaging for a pickup for 2008, with a half-ton payload capacity paired with room for five adults and unit-body construction for improved ride and handling versus most pickups. With its comfortable, quiet interior and good safety record it's a good choice for those who need to haul less frequently but will rely on the truck for daily passenger duty.

    What's new for 2008?

    For 2008, the Honda Ridgeline carries over with only a few minor changes. New 'machined styling' wheels are featured on the Ridgeline RTS and RTL, and the fabric interior in the RT, RTX, and RTS models is changed from a two-tone style to a single tone.

    Model Strengths Ride and refinement handling relative to other pickups outstanding safety half-ton load capacity. Model Review

    The 4-door 2008 Honda Ridgeline pickup offers a unique configuration, with room for five and a 5-foot cargo bed with half-ton hauling capability. The bed comes with tie-downs and bed lamps, and there's also an 8.5-cubic-foot in-bed trunk that provides enough space for a large cooler or three golf bags.

  • 2008 Used Honda Ridgeline 4WD Crew Cab RT at Charleston ...

    2008 Honda Ridgeline

    4WD Crew Cab RT Truck 4x4

    VIN #: 2HJYK162X8H532547

    Stock #: 25070A

    TransferTransfer This Vehicle


    Used Clear Title


    3.5L V6 CYLINDER


    5 Spd Automatic




    Four Wheel Drive

    Exterior Color:


    Interior Color:



    Limited Warranty

    Actual rating will vary with options, driving conditions, habits and vehicle condition. *

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    Contact Information Options & Features

    Ext / Int Color

    Blue with Gray Interior

    Luxury Features

    Air ConditioningCruise ControlDigital Information CenterTinted WindowsTire Pressure Monitor

    Power Equipment

    12v Power OutletPower LocksPower MirrorsPower SteeringPower Windows

    Safety Features

    Four Wheel DriveAnti-Lock BrakesChild Proof Door LocksDriver's Air BagDynamic Stability ControlIntermittent WipersKeyless EntryPassenger Air BagSecurity SystemSide Air BagsSide Curtain Airbags


    All Weather Floor MatsCenter ConsoleVanity Mirrors


    Locking TailgateRemote Fuel DoorSliding Rear WindowTow Hooks

    Audio / Video

    AM/FMCD PlayerFactory System

    Additional Features

    Fourth Passenger Door, Third Passenger Door, Child Safety Locks, Bucket Seats, Brake Assist, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Locking Rear Differential, Driver Air Bag, Front Tow Hooks, Auto-Off Headlights, Power Driver Mirror, Pass-Through Rear Seat, Sliding Rear Window, Auxiliary Pwr Outlet, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Emergency Trunk Release, Passenger Illuminated Visor Mirror, Passenger Vanity Mirror, Driver Vanity Mirror, Driver Illuminated Vanity Mirror, Rear Reading Lamps, Front Reading Lamps, Tires - Rear All-Season, Tires - Front All-Season, Front Floor Mats, Cloth Seats, Compact Spare Tire, Rear Head Air Bag, Side Head Air Bag

    Features & Specifications * 3.5L SOHC MPFI 24-valve VTEC V6 engine Drive-by-Wire Throttle Direct ignition system 5-speed automatic transmission w/OD HD transmission cooler Locking rear differential Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) w/traction control Four wheel drive HD radiator w/dual 160-watt fans 4-pin/7-pin trailer pre-wiring HD front/rear tow hooks Close-boxed frame w/unit-body construction Steel-reinforced composite bed-inc: lockable in-bed trunk, dual-action tailgate, motorcycle wheel indents, (6) HD tie-down cleats, (4) bed lights w/auto-off timer GVWR 6050lbs MacPherson strut front suspension Multi-link rear suspension w/trailing arms Front/rear stabilizer bars P245/65SR17 all-season tires 17" x 7.5" styled steel wheels Compact spare tire Variable pwr rack & pinion steering HD pwr steering cooler Pwr ventilated front/solid rear disc brakes 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) w/electronic brake distribution (EBD) Brake Assist Vehicle Name : Honda Ridgeline Body Style : 4 Door Crew Cab Drivetrain : Four Wheel Drive EPA Classification : 4WD Pickup Trucks Base Curb Weight (lbs) : 4500 Dead Weight Hitch - Max Trailer Wt. (lbs) : 5000 Dead Weight Hitch - Max Tongue Wt. (lbs) : 500 Wt Distributing Hitch - Max Trailer Wt. (lbs) : 5000 Wt Distributing Hitch - Max Tongue Wt. (lbs) : 500 Engine Order Code : J35A91 Engine Type : Gas V6 Displacement : 3.5L/212 Fuel System : MPFI SAE Net Horsepower @ RPM : 247 @ 5750 SAE Net Torque @ RPM : 245 @ 4500 Trans Type : 5 Trans Description Cont. : Automatic w/OD First Gear Ratio (:1) : 2.69 Second Gear Ratio (:1) : 1.57 Third Gear Ratio (:1) : 1.02 Fourth Gear Ratio (:1) : 0.73 Fifth Gear Ratio (:1) : 0.53 Reverse Ratio (:1) : 1.89 Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1) : 4.53 Maximum Alternator Capacity (amps) : 130 Suspension Type - Front : MacPherson Strut Suspension Type - Rear : Multi-Link Suspension Type - Rear (Cont.) : w/Trailing Arm Stabilizer Bar Diameter - Front (in) : .91 Stabilizer Bar Diameter - Rear (in) : 1.0 Steering Type : Var Pwr Rack & Pinion Steering Ratio (:1), Overall : 18.5 Lock to Lock Turns (Steering) : 3.38 Turning Diameter - Curb to Curb (ft) : 42.6 Brake Type : Pwr Brake ABS System : 4-Wheel Disc - Front (Yes or ) : Yes Disc - Rear (Yes or ) : Yes Front Brake Rotor Diam x Thickness (in) : 12.6 x 1.1 Rear Brake Rotor Diam x Thickness (in) : 13.1 x 0.4 Body-colored bumpers Multi-reflector halogen headlights w/auto-off feature Pwr folding mirrors Heat-rejecting green-tinted glass Rear privacy glass Pwr sliding rear window w/open indicator, reminder chime Variable intermittent windshield wipers w/auto heated wiper zone Rear passenger doors Dual-action tailgate Front Tire Size : P245/65SR17 Rear Tire Size : P245/65SR17 Spare Tire Size : Compact Front Wheel Size (in) : 17 x 7.5 Rear Wheel Size (in) : 17 x 7.5 Spare Wheel Size (in) : Compact Front Wheel Material : Steel Rear Wheel Material : Steel Spare Wheel Material : Steel Wheelbase (in) : 122.0 Length, Overall (in) : 206.8 Width, Max w/o mirrors (in) : 76.3 Height, Overall (in) : 70.3 Track Width, Front (in) : 67.1 Track Width, Rear (in) : 66.9 Min Ground Clearance (in) : 8.2 Cargo Box Width @ Wheelhousings (in) : 49.5 Front cloth bucket seats-inc: 6-way manual driver seat 60/40 split fold rear seat w/lift-up feature, fold-down armrest, underseat storage Head restraints at all seating positions Center console w/sliding armrest, storage Front/rear HD all-weather floor mats Steering wheel-mounted cruise controls Adjustable steering column Trip computer Warning lights-inc: low-fuel, low-oil pressure, tailgate open, bed trunk open, pwr sliding cabin window open, passenger-side air bag off Maintenance Minder system Tire pressure monitoring system Pwr windows w/driver auto-up/down Pwr door locks Remote entry system Cruise control Remote fuel filler door release Immobilizer theft-deterrent system 100-watt AM/FM stereo w/CD player-inc: (6) speakers, XM satellite-ready Hidden roof-mounted antenna Air conditioning w/air-filtration system Rear seat heater ducts Beverage holders-inc: (2) front & (4) rear 12V pwr outlets-inc: (2) front, (1) rear Door pocket storage bins Dual illuminated vanity mirrors w/sliding extensions Sunglasses holder Front/rear grab handles Front door courtesy lights Front/rear map lights Seatback pockets 2nd row garment hooks Flat rear floor Passenger Capacity : 5 Passenger Volume (ft³) : 112.0 Total Cooling System Capacity (qts) : 8.5 Front Head Room (in) : 40.7 Front Leg Room (in) : 40.8 Front Shoulder Room (in) : 63.2 Front Hip Room (in) : 57.6 Second Head Room (in) : 39.1 Second Leg Room (in) : 36.4 Second Shoulder Room (in) : 62.6 Second Hip Room (in) : 57.2 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) w/electronic brake distribution (EBD) Brake Assist Dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags Dual front side-impact airbags w/passenger side occupant position detection system Side curtain airbags w/rollover sensor, front & rear 3-point seat belts in all seating positions-inc: front automatic tensioning system, front adjustable seat belt anchors Child-proof rear door locks Emergency trunk release 2nd row lower anchors & tethers for children (LATCH) w/(3) positions Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) w/traction control Side-impact door beams EPA Fuel Economy Est - City (MPG) : 15 EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy (MPG) : 20 Cold Cranking Amps @ 0° F (Primary) : - TBD - Shock Absorber Diameter - Front (mm) : - TBD - Shock Absorber Diameter - Rear (mm) : - TBD - Turning Diameter - Wall to Wall (ft) : - TBD - Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx (gal) : 22 Cargo Area Length @ Floor to Seat 1 (in) : - TBD - Cargo Area Length @ Floor to Seat 2 (in) : - TBD - Cargo Area Width @ Beltline (in) : - TBD - Cargo Box (Area) Height (in) : - TBD - Liftover Height (in) : - TBD - Cargo Volume to Seat 1 (ft³) : - TBD - Cargo Volume to Seat 2 (ft³) : - TBD -

    * These are the standard features and specifications for this vehicle. Actual features may vary.  Please see the details for this vehicle above.

    Vehicle Condition

    Service History

    116,115 Miles

    Passed Thorough Dealer Inspection

    No Known Mechanical Problems


    Covered by a Limited Warranty. Contact seller for details.

    Condition Report

    Good Interior

    Good Carpets

    Good Seats

    Good Dashboard

    Good Panels / Headliner

    Good Exterior

    Good Original Paint

    Good Trim Condition

    Good Glass Condition

    No Visible Rust No Known Accidents No Known Bodywork

    Fully Detailed

    Financing Information

    Financing Information

    If you are interested in one of our vehicles and have a question on available financing, please contact us! Contact us today at 828-322-2673 for more information, or fill out our Online Credit Application to begin the pre-approval process today. Warranty Information

    Hendrick Autoguard - A Higher Level of Protection We are committed to giving you all the options you might need to get maximum value from purchasing or leasing your vehicle! All Hendrick Autoguard vehicle protection programs are available as single products, or value-packaged for added savings. Make your choice based on your specific needs for the protection of your automotive investment. Honda Certified Pre-owned Warranty We're not just there when you take ownership of your Honda Certified Used Car. We stay with you and your Honda over the long haul with one of the most extensive used-car warranties in the business. Here are the key provisions: Powertrain Systems and Components Coverage - Up to 7 years or 100,000 miles from the date the vhicle was first registered under the Honda New Cars Limited Warranty. That's an extension of up to four years of the original new-car coverage. Non-Powertrain Systems and Components Coverage - For 12 months or 12,000 miles beyond the expiration of the standard 3-year/36,000-mile new car warranty (except normal wear and tear, paint and upholstery) Deductible - No deductible on covered repairs made at any Honda dealer nationwide. Transferable - Yes, between private parties. For complete details, ask your Honda dealer to review the Honda Certified Used Cars Warranty Booklet with you. Honda Cars of Hickory Contact Internet Sales Team Toll-Free: 888-649-3638 PH: 888-649-3638 Fax: 828-267-6687 Request More Info

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    Shipping Information

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    Used 2013 Honda Ridgeline 4WD Crew Cab RT Truck

    2013 Honda Ridgeline

    4WD Crew Cab RT


    Used 2009 Honda Ridgeline 4WD Crew Cab RTL Truck

    2009 Honda Ridgeline

    4WD Crew Cab RTL


    Used 2007 Honda Ridgeline 4WD Crew Cab RTL w/Leather & Navi Truck

    2007 Honda Ridgeline

    4WD Crew Cab RTL w/Leather & Navi


    Used 2011 Honda Ridgeline 4WD Crew Cab RTL w/Navi Truck

    2011 Honda Ridgeline

    4WD Crew Cab RTL w/Navi


    Used 2011 Honda Ridgeline 4WD Crew Cab RTL w/Navi Truck

    2011 Honda Ridgeline

    4WD Crew Cab RTL w/Navi



  • 2008 Honda Ridgeline - Kelley Blue Book - Kbb.com

    Driving Impressions Refined solidity is the byword, along with a comfortable highway ride. On some rougher surfaces, though, quite a bit of road commotion is transmitted. Except for louder-than-expected engine sounds when...

    accelerating, there is very little truck-like sensation inside. The Ridgeline handles moderate off-road treks with ease and, when towing a maximum-weight trailer, or with its bed filled, you hardly realize you're pulling a load. Still, the 2008 Honda Ridgeline has a heavy overall feel, due in part to its all-wheel-drive componentry, which cuts a bit into agility. Passing power is adequate, but not wholly energetic at all speeds. Four-channel anti-lock braking (ABS) incorporates electronic brake-force distribution and brake assist for more effective "panic" stops.

  • Used 2008 Honda Ridgeline Crew Cab Pricing & Features ...

    This is the estimated average annual insurance premium being charged in your state. The premium has been determined based on annual premium data for defined coverages (liability, comprehensive and collision) from a major insurer.

    While this information is specific to vehicle make, model, model year and body type, your personal information is not taken into consideration and could greatly alter the actual premium quoted by an insurer. Factors that will affect your rate include your age, marital status, credit history, driving record, and the garaging address of your vehicle.

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  • 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTS

    07/17/15, via KSL

    This wonderful 2008 Honda ... Ridgeline offers a comfortable five-passenger cabin. It also boasts an innovative steel-reinforced, fiberglass-composite bed that's immune to rust and dents...' It is nicely equipped with features such as 4.533 Axle Ratio, 4 ...

  • 2010 Honda Ridgeline RTL

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    08/25/06, via TopSpeed

    We’ve known for quite some time now that 2014 will be the final year for the current-generation Honda Ridgeline , but an official confirmation ... stability and can integrate traction control, four-wheel drive, anti-lock braking, throttle control and ...

  • Honda's most advanced Pilot to date comes to showrooms June 18

    06/17/15, via Examiner

    Its reputation for durability and dependability is rock solid, as is its production platform shared with the sidelined Ridgeline ... wheel drive,( $29,995 ) to the top of the lineup , fully loaded Elite package all-wheel-drive,( $46,420 ) 2016 Honda ...

  • 2016 Honda Ridgeline Spied Testing with a Trailer

    06/11/15, via MotorTrend Magazine

    Our spy photographers got another look at the 2016 Honda Ridgeline as this prototype towed a trailer during testing. Compared to our last 2016 Honda Ridgeline spy photos, these images provide a much more detailed look at the shape of the new pickup truck.

  • Should the New Honda Ridgeline Look Like This?

    02/25/15, via MotorTrend Magazine

    The new pickup will likely be presented as a 2017 model by the time it hits dealerships. Let us know what you think of these speculative renderings of the next-gen Honda Ridgeline in the comments below. Photo Source: Theo Chin/Chris Doane Automotive

2008 Honda Ridgeline/ Quick Drive

2008 Honda Ridgeline/ Quick Drive

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