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1970 Toyota Hilux Pickup

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    Old cars at Copley Motorcars, Needham MA: 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII, 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE 3.5 coupe, and 1966 Toyota Stout

    Pasting from the Copley Motorcars website: • • • • • 1964, Austin Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 Exterior color Colorado Red Interior color black Mileage 70,900 Price $34,800.00 The first of the MkIII "big"...

    Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

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    Old cars at Copley Motorcars, Needham MA: 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII, 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE 3.5 coupe, and 1966 Toyota Stout

    Pasting from the Copley Motorcars website: • • • • • 1964, Austin Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 Exterior color Colorado Red Interior color black Mileage 70,900 Price $34,800.00 The first of the MkIII "big"...

    Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

  • Toyota Cressida (1st generation (X30,X32) : 1977–1980)

    There is also a 1970's Toyota Hilux in the background !

    Photo by Ahmad Mortaja on Flickr

  • newzealand christchurch green landscape nz 1970 custom kiwi viva vauxhall christchurchnewzealand 1970vauxhallviva thecarsofchristchurch geriatrichoon

    1970 Vauxhall Viva

    Amazingly with a Toyota Lexus V8 engine and Hilux diff. Many thanks to the owner!

    Photo by stephen trinder on Flickr

  • Cammoflague at its finest

    WOW is all I have to say about this! A 1970's Toyota HiLux motorhome complete with a home made wooden box up top. Has to be slow AND extremely top heavy! Spotted in Canyon Lake, TX

    Photo by jeff868_2000 on Flickr

  • square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram

    Vendo rulux 1970/2014, aproveite que tá num preço bom #rural #willis #toyota #hilux

    Photo by xamdaum on Flickr

  • How The Toyota Tacoma Grew From Japanese Oddity To All American

    08/07/15, via Yahoo Autos (blog)

    Toyota's new 1969 HiLux wasn't exotic in any way, but it was smaller than the Stout, significantly more refined and much more comfortable. Available only in For 1970 it got a new 97-horsepower, 1.8-liter overhead cam engine. The HiLux was restyled

  • Vidzemes policijas zi??s - Valka un Jaunklidzis

    08/17/15, via Ziemellatvija

    Aizvad?t?j? ned??as nogal? Vidzemes re?iona p?rvaldes teritorij? re?istr?ta inform?cija par 232 gad?jumiem, kad iedz?vot?ji p?c pal?dz?bas v?rsušies policij? vai konstat?ts, ka noticis noziegums. Re?istr?ta inform?cija par 45 noziedz?giem nodar?jumiem

  • Daudzus Latvijas lietotos auto liktenis ved uz ?friku

    07/30/15, via TVNET.lv

    Nig?rij? visliel?kais piepras?jums ir p?c Toyota automaš?n?m – Corolla, Carina, Hilux un Hiace. V?lams, lai auto b?tu ražoti p?c 1989. gada.» Lietoto automobi?u eksportam no postpadomju valst?m ir sava specifika. «Visbiež?k transport?jam? tehnika no 

  • 2016 Toyota HiLux interior and details revealed

    07/13/15, via Practical Motoring

    THE 2016 TOYOTA HILUX will go on-sale in Australia from early October and Toyota has been working hard to keep the wraps on it and other new models. And it's failed miserably. Yesterday, Toyota revealed images and some details about the interior of its 

  • The 4 Most Tortured Fan Bases in All of Sports

    06/26/15, via The Cheat Sheet

    On some level — every tortured fan bases in sports suffer from a stort of Stockholm Syndrome, where the collective group takes its identify from losing. Many of the more bizarre arguments in sports are related to which fan base has fared worst, with

  • Ar? no Latvijas arvien vair?k lietotu auto eksport? uz ?friku

    08/04/15, via TVNET.lv

    Ganu un Beninu, no kurienes pa sauszemes ce?iem nog?d? ekonomiski p?r?kaj? Nig?rij?. Nig?rij? visliel?kais piepras?jums ir p?c «Toyota» automaš?n?m - «Corolla», «Carina», «Hilux» un «Hiace». V?lams Komp?nij? atg?dina, ka Nig?rij? no 1970.gada

  • Ironman 4X4 preview barwork for the 2015 Toyota Hilux

    07/21/15, via Practical Motoring

    Ironman 4X4 has released early photos of the 2015 Toyota Hilux with prototype front and rear bars. WHEN A NEW big-eight ute is released, the aftermarket like to get in early. Here's the 2015 Toyota Hilux showing off development versions of Ironman's 

Ar? no Latvijas arvien vair?k lietotu auto eksport? uz ?friku - TVNET.lv

Reizi ned??? no Antverpenes, Roterdamas vai Hamburgas ost?m uz ?frikas rietumu piekrasti atiet lielais ro-ro pr?mis ar 1000 lietot?m automaš?n?m no visas Eiropas. ?frikas auto tirgot?ji l?dz nians?m paz?stot lietotus automobi?us, t?p?c nelabpr?t uzp?rkot tos no Latvijas vai visas bijuš?s Padomju Savien?bas telpas, jo automaš?nu tehniskais st?voklis šaj? re?ion? ir iev?rojami slikt?ks nek? Rietumeirop?. «T?p?c mums ir gr?t?k p?rdot un n?kas ieinteres?t pirc?jus ar zem?ku cenu,» skaidro komp?nijas p?rst?ve. Lai pr?mis b?tu 100% aizpild?ts, ku?u komp?nijas vajadz?go daudzumu lietotu automaš?nu reiz?m piep?rk pašas un v?l?k realiz? ?frik? par t?d?m paš?m cen?m, radot dempingu tirg?. Pašreiz?j? situ?cija ar lielu automobi?u importu tiek uzskat?ta par problem?tisku, t?p?c ir palielin?ts muitas nodoklis lietot?m automaš?n?m par 70%. Muitas d?? automaš?nu eksports notiek vair?k uz Nig?rija s kaimi?valst?m - Togo, Ganu un Beninu,... Nig?rij? visliel?kais piepras?jums ir p?c «Toyota» automaš?n?m - «Corolla», «Carina», «Hilux» un «Hiace». Lai ar? Nig?rij? darbojas «Ford», «Toyota» un VW r?pn?cas, v?l iev?rojamu laika. Source: financenet.tvnet.lv

Ironman 4X4 preview barwork for the 2015 Toyota Hilux - Practical Motoring

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper is a freelance journalist, driver and photographer interested in anything with wings, sails or wheels and the author of four books on offroading. He owns a modified Ford Ranger PX which he uses for offroad touring with his family, and a Toyota 86 which exists purely to drive in circles on racetracks. A response direct from Ironman 4X4:. The Everest has not been released anywhere yet and the release will be. delayed by Ford till towards the end of the year. The Ranger PX Mk 2 was released yesterday in Thailand, but they are not. quick to develop a bar for once it’s released for sale. Ironman 4×4 will be getting one of the first of the new Ranger, Everest and. Fortuner once they have been released in Thailand and will also be one. Source: practicalmotoring.com.au

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Toyota H?lux N?ssan Navara Y? Sürüklüyor

TOYOTA DEH?ET B?R Ç?FT KAB?N YAPMI? RAK?PLER?N? EK?YOR Bividyo.tv fark? ile...

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